Monday, April 25, 2011 Review and Giveaway...

Thanks to I got one of their great Mother's Day products! They sent me a beautiful Nature's Springtime Azalea!

Azaleas are the royalty of the garden, and rule Spring with their signature blossoms. My stunning hot pink azalea plant came in a gorgeous white ceramic planter, complete with embossed bird and butterfly design.
  • Freshly potted hot pink azalea plant arrives budding and ready to bloom into abundant beauty
  • Stylish white ceramic planter features a striking embossed green butterfly and bird design; planter measures 4.75"H x 6.75"D.
  • Measures overall approximately 12-16"H
I was so excited when my package got here! It came well packaged and protected. I opened it very carefully to find my fabulous plant. I love how beautiful the Nature's Springtime Azalea is. It's starting to open up and looks amazing on my table! 

1-800-Flowers has perfect gifts for Mother's Day or any other day of the year! Thank you so very much for the awesome products and customer service! 

Now here's the really exciting part...

I get to give one lucky winner a $50 Gift Card!

To win...
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Giveaway ends on Tues. May 17th, 2011.

Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*


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barblong said...

I would love to order some fresh flowers.

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