Friday, November 25, 2022

Budsies Review...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on 
behalf of Budsies. All opinions are 100% mine.*

I am super excited to tell you about our new Budsies dolls!

We were so happy when our package arrived...

The girls jumped around the house with excitement and beamed with happiness as they opened the box!

Look how cute their custom plush dolls are...

We all think they are so fun and cute! They are having a blast dancing around with them.  

I want to order some for our friends' kids next.

They both couldn't wait to show them to grandpa.

We really like that they are hand-sewn with super soft plush & hypoallergenic stuffing.

It is so fun watching the kids play with their new dolls!

Budsies can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal. From a picture, children's drawings, book illustrations and more.

It is so awesome they can even have their favorite matching outfits on them. Such a great unique gift that will for sure bring a smile to your loved ones.

If you are looking for gift ideas, these are it! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

I love elegant gold necklaces!

I have always loved jewelry since I was a little girl. I really love gold necklaces! They look so classy, and I think they are absolutely beautiful on.

This gold bar necklace with diamonds is so elegant. I think it would be perfect to wear casual and also with a dress. The diamonds look so pretty and sparkly!

I have had my eye on this gorgeous necklace for a few months now and I really love it! I have a close friend that has a bar necklace similar to this one. Every time I see her wearing it, I always compliment her on it.

I am excited to show this necklace to my family and friends. Wearing a unique piece of jewelry that people always notice is so fun and makes me feel outstanding. I think it will be perfect to wear on our next date night out!

My favorite necklaces that I wear the most are white, yellow and rose gold. I also love necklaces with hearts, charms and also crystals. It is fabulous to mix them up and wear different ones depending on the outfit I pick that day. I also have several from places we have traveled.

I think these birthstone necklaces are also fantastic...

They would be awesome to stack with different color birthstones for each one of our kids. I love that they are simple and so delicate! I wear mostly dainty necklaces because I feel they look best on me.

I think I am stuck in the 80's because I always like to wear matching colors. I usually wear the same type of gold so my necklace, earrings and other jewelry I am wearing all match and look good together.

My hubby is so sweet, and he likes to spoil me with surprises. Hopefully he will read this so he gets some good ideas of gifts he can surprise me with. :)

Thank you so very much for letting me share some of my favorite necklaces with you. Now I'm excited to learn a little about you! What are some of your favorite necklaces? Please leave a comment letting me know.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Trying To Stay Calm Holiday Gift Guide 2022...

I am super excited to share some of our favorite gifts with you in this Holiday Gift Guide!

Let's get this party started by checking out some of the amazing gifts that Cubii has to offer...

They have different lightweight mini elliptical options that we really love!

We think it's awesome that they are made to meet the needs of our journey to wellness. Each one of the mini elliptical designs are perfect for gifts.

I know of several people in our family that are excited to get one of these. 

With convenient portability and compact designs, you can get moving from the comfort of your favorite room or place to sit.

Their mini ellipticals fit perfect under desks, kitchen tables etc. I told my hubby now when he watches movies he can exercise as well. :)

We really like their low-impact workouts.

It is going to be great to help get my strength back up in my legs since I had an ankle injury a while ago. 

Make sure and check them out we know you'll love them!

Next, I am thrilled to tell you about Tickld Toes...

They have super cute socks, sandals, anklets, nail polish etc! What fun gift ideas for those on your list. 

Their Jungle Socks come in 5 colors that will make sure you're the coolest cat on the block!

I have always loved new fun socks. I think Tickld Toes has so many fantastic styles to pick from. 

Look at these popular Bliss socks with hearts...

They come in lots of different colors and fabulous to give along with your message of love. 

We also think their Heather socks are so heavenly.

Warm cozy socks are always great this time of year! 

I love to wrap and include socks in gift baskets and Christmas stockings. They are a must have for everyone on your list.

Make sure and check out all of Tickld Toes products!

Now it's time to talk about some adorable Daisy and Rae Co products that I know you will love...

Daisy and Rae Co is a fabulous infant's and children's boutique. They have so many super cute items!

I adore the Merry & Bright Pom Beanie and Hot Cocoa Blanket Hoodie! What great gifts for our granddaughters.

Next, everyone loves new Christmas pajamas... 

The limited-edition Nutcracker Ballerina pajamas are darling! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.

They are soft and made with sensitive skin in mind with no interior tags.  

We think these are for sure a perfect gift idea!

They have the cutest designs and highest quality materials that are fabulous for gifts. 

Make sure and go check out Daisy and Rae Co, we know you are going to love them!

Next, I know all of the people on your list will love some yummy goodness from eCreamery...

Since 2007 eCreamery has been churning classic favorites, original flavors and customers’ unique creations.

Their ice cream artists create each and every flavor in a small batch process, then hand pack and label each pint with love.

If you are looking for a totally unique gift, you can even customize your pints with your own messages! We think that is super cool!

Our family is really excited about the Santa Sweet Treat Collection...

Santa might just park his sleigh on your roof and tell his reindeer to “pull up a hoof,” while he takes a break to enjoy the scrumptious eCreamery Ice Cream’s Santa Sweet Treat Collection!

Santas eyes will glow when he spots the four pints of eCreamery’s limited time, hand packed,
seasonal ice cream flavors, served with a dozen mouthwatering holiday cookies, each with a festive label. 

And best of all, the Santa’s Sweet Treat Collection isn’t just the perfect gift for Santa. Your friends and family will love it, too! :)

The Holiday Deluxe Ice Cream and Cookie Collection also is so delicious! It has 8 pints and 24 cookies and sure to be a huge hit for all!

Make sure and visit eCreamery we know you will love them as much as we do!

Thank you so very much for checking out my Holiday Gift Guide, watch for more gift ideas coming soon. 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Honey Bee Acres Review..

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Honey Bee Acres. All opinions are 100% mine.*

I am super excited to tell you about our new darling Honey Bee Acres fuzzy figures!

We were so happy when our box of sunshine arrived...

They have adorable dollhouses, playsets, and figures! 

First check out the Cheddars Mouse Family...

The parents Bert and Bree, daughter Phoebe, and baby Nibbles are all ready to play! 

We like that they have posable heads, arms and legs. Their clothes are removeable, and we can interchange them with our other Honey Bee Acres figures.

Next, we love the Cloverberrys Cow Family...

We are excited to introduce you to the parents Ollie and Lily, daughter Buttercup, and baby Pepper! 

This cute family is my personal favorite. I can't wait for everyone to play with them at our next family party.

It is so fun watching the kids play with their new animals!

I am excited for them to get some of the Honey Bee Acres vehicles and playhouses for Christmas. 

Their Back To School Pals have 9 miniature doll figures...

We are in love with this fabulous set! They came right at the perfect time since the kids just started back in school.

Misty (unicorn), Leo (cat), Calvin (dog). Coco (rabbit), Lulu (cow), Shadow (bear), Pippa (mouse), Hoot (owl), and Willow (cat) are all having a great time at our house.

If you are looking for gift ideas, these are it! :)

We think it is awesome that they are small enough to pack and take with us when we travel.

Check out all of the other fantastic items Sunny Days offers as well. We know you'll love them as much as we do!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Gigi & Nate Blu-ray Review...


Street Date: 11/15/22

Love finds a helping hand when Gigi & Nate arrives on Blu-ray™ + Digital and DVD November 15 from Lionsgate. Directed by Nick Hamm (Driven, The Journey, The Hole), Gigi & Nate is an inspiring story about how hope and companionship can come in all different sizes. Gigi & Nate will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.99 for Blu-ray + Digital and $19.98 for DVD.
In this uplifting drama inspired by actual events, Nate (Charlie Rowe) suffers a near-fatal illness and is left a quadriplegic just weeks before departing for college. As Nate tries to adjust to his new life challenges, his mother (Oscar® winner* Marcia Gay Harden) helps him bring home an unlikely service animal, Gigi — a curious and intelligent capuchin monkey. Nate and Gigi form an unbreakable bond, but when it’s threatened by a group trying to outlaw capuchins, Nate’s family rallies behind him to help him regain what he needs most: hope.
 *2000, Actress in a Supporting Role, Pollock.
Marcia Gay Harden                   Mystic River, The Mist, Into the Wild
Charlie Rowe                            Rocketman, Angelyne, Vanity Fair
Josephine Langford                   After, Moxie, After We Fell
Zoe Colletti                               Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Annie, The Lego Ninjago Movie
Hannah Riley                            TV’s “Better Things,” “Chicago Med,” Paper Towns
with Jim Belushi                        Red Heat, K-9, TV’s “Saturday Night Live”
and Diane Ladd                        Wild at Heart, Joy, Chinatown
Our Review: 

This is a cute movie that is based on a true story. When Nate gets paralyzed, he is really depressed and not doing good. Then he gets Gigi as a service animal and his whole life changes. It’s fun to watch the bond grow between Nate and Gigi. 

It was touching when his sister was leaving town but she felt like she needed to stay and help take care of Nate. He told her when he was in the hospital he heard her tell him that he couldn’t leave her because he didn’t have her permission. Nate said, you already saved me once so you don’t have to keep saving me. 

The lady in the grocery store was very rude saying a service animal was not welcome in the store. She even came and protested at their house, eventually getting the law passed to not allow Gigi as a service animal. 

I don’t want to give away the ending, but it turned out really good. The whole family will love this movie! I want a pet monkey. Gigi is so adorable!

Watch the trailer below...

Monday, October 3, 2022

Kara Chocolates Review...


*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Kara Chocolates. All opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Kara Chocolates I am super excited to tell you about some of their products!

Our family loves their Mint Chocolate Truffles...

We think they are perfect gifts that everyone will love. 

They are made with the finest ingredients and infused with a refreshing taste of fresh mint! 

Their Halloween treats are a huge hit here at our house...

The assorted candy packs are so adorable and yummy! They have packs with assorted Halloween chocolates, gummies, candy corn and more. 

We can't wait to hand these out at our Halloween party. 

Next, we couldn't wait to try their creamy caramels and gummy candy mix...

The creamy caramels are so soft and delicious!

After we opened the gummy candy mix, we sure had fun trying the variety of different gummies. 

We have lots of happy kids around here!

Check out all of the other fantastic items they offer as well. We know you'll love them as much as we do.

Thank you so very much Kara Chocolates for the amazing products!