Friday, June 6, 2014

Jazz For Babies Calm & Soothing Lullabies Review...

Thanks to Jazz for Babies, my family is excited to tell you about their calm and soothing lullabies!

Jazz for Babies is a multi-award winning series of recorded music creatively produced to soothe, calm and engender a life-long love of music in babies and toddlers, that parents can enjoy as well.

Here are the fantastic albums we received...

These five albums include The Piano Album, The Trumpet Album, The Guitar Album, The Saxophone Album, and The Vibraphone Album. 

We love that you can purchase these awesome albums in a bundled set! You can get 5 Physical CDs or a download bundle of 5 digital albums with liner notes. You’ll also save a good deal off the regular cost per album. In total you’ll get 75 slow & relaxing instrumental renditions of the world’s most beautiful songs, performed by world class musicians just for you & your baby to share.

These albums are so beautiful...

Michael Janisch, (a renowned bassist, producer, professor of music and proud father), was inspired to create the series by an instinctive desire to expose his own children to high quality music from the earliest age.  Not being happy with the music he found produced with babies and toddlers in mind on the market, he set about producing some himself.

Introducing a child to the right kind of music at the earliest age can help them become calm and serene as well as develop creativity and individuality. Babies hear and respond to music played in utero and even develop preferences. If the right type of music is played to babies in their early days, they will recognize it later.

Check out the video below...

As a producer and record label owner, Janisch knew that he wanted JFB albums to have an amazing sound quality. Janisch and his great friend, five-time Grammy nominated sound engineer, Tyler McDiarmid worked together. They made sure the sound quality of the albums were not only pristine and had a dreamy quality but were recorded in a way that all the instruments are audible and sound great even at low volumes.  Each JFB album gets the exact same treatment.

We have been listening to these at home and in the car and we LOVE them!! My family highly recommends these, they are truly fabulous. They are great for all ages and would also make perfect gifts that everyone will love! 

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Thank you so very much Jazz for Babies for the amazing products and customer service!!

Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*