Monday, May 4, 2015

Polette Eyeglasses Review...

Thanks to Polette, I am really excited to tell you about their fabulous products!

I received the black Jasper prescription eyeglasses...

The black metal frames are so awesome! I love how light weight they are. It is great that I can see everything so crystal clear now!

I had so much fun shopping the site. It is wonderful that I could download a picture of myself, then see what glasses looked like on before ordering.

See how classy they look on...

Another thing I really like is the color of the frames. I have a ton of black in my wardrobe that they compliment. I am extremely happy with my new eyeglasses! My mom is going to order a pair just like them so we can be twins. She loves them too!

Here is a little about the fantastic company:

Polette lies on a simple yet groundbreaking idea: being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer.
The frames and lenses are provided straight from their workshops, therefore there is no stock nor intermediates to high margins. is born from a man’s vision, a man who decided to put an end to the monopole of optics.
No more expensive eyeglasses. His idea? Break up the chain of intermediates and offer, through the internet, a massive selection of frames and lenses provided by his own factories.

The revolution is launched and upsets the field of French optic as we know it.

Meet Pierre Wizman, a young and one of a kind entrepreneur who decides to quit school and build his first company in France -bought up for a peppercorn rent- at the age of 16. “Starting from scratch might have been the biggest chance life has offered me.” Quite determined to create and innovate, he invites all of his employees to improve their difference and follow a path no one has ever followed before.

With the help of Pauline Cousseau, his associate, he launches the first website in August 2011. They learn to do everything by themselves. In October of 2011, they make their first sale! As of today, they still remember the name of this very first customer.

Make sure and also visit Polette on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you so very much Polette for the amazing products and customer service!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pitchfix Twister Review...

Thanks to Pitchfix, I am really excited to tell you about their products!

Since my hubby loves to golf he was ecstatic when we received our package! We were impressed with how neatly organized our items were packaged when they came...

First, I want to tell you about the Twister...

Pitchfix USA Introduces Twister, Golf’s Most Innovative Divot Tool!
An innovative divot repair tool, the Twister makes ball mark repairs easy for golfers and helps reduce pitch mark repair damage to greens.  
The Twister’s patent pending technology features three retractable metal prongs and makes it quick to use and safe to store for golfers. It comes in eight different color combinations, is highly customizable for promotional gifts and corporate branding and retails for just under $17.  Currently, the Pitchfix products are available at many top U.S. retail outlets such as PGA Tour Superstores.  For more information please visit Twister.

My hubby couldn't wait to get out on the golf course to try out his new Twister tool. He loved how easy it was to fix divots. He said it fits nicely in his golf bag. He liked the red one because it matched his bag. The other thing he really liked is the ball marker it comes with. The top has a magnetic ball marker. What a great idea! He would always have to use a coin from his pocket when he needed to mark his ball. Now he has the marker attached to his twister. He said it was so convenient. The friends he went with were pretty impressed with this divot tool too. They wanted to know where they can buy it. All three of them were going to go buy some. He let them know Pitchfix has a lot of cool golfing products that they would love too.

According to Pitchfix, when ball marks are repaired with traditional pitch forks very often the root structure is torn which creates an air pocket under the mark and a compacted piece of soil at the surface, making it difficult for the grass to regenerate and heal.

Pitchfix’s patented technology allows Twister to work differently, says the company: the golfer simply pushes it in and out of the affected area, restoring the ground and relieving compaction simultaneously.  This quick and simple procedure, according to Pitchfix, results in better repairs that recover quickly, making it virtually impossible to do damage with the tool.

According to Fokke, the Twister will play a critical role in improving the condition of greens and reducing ongoing maintenance costs to repair damage.
“Reports indicate that the average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf,” said Fokke.  “That can result in more than 700,000 ball marks per year on an average golf course. Add to that the players who do not repair their ball marks and the high percentage of improper repair from conventional two prong divot tools, and the potential maintenance savings with Twister could be as much as ten percent.”

About Pitchfix
Founded in 2005, Pitchfix is the market leader for switchblade divot tools and other golf green related products in Europe and Asia and is renowned for its high standards in design and product quality.  It aims to be the market leader in divot tools and other golf related products in the United States by designing, manufacturing and distributing an ever-growing line of high quality and innovative European designed products through selected distribution partners.

Pitchfix currently offers an array of diverse and innovative products for golfers
worldwide:Twister Divot Tool; Classic Divot Tool; Hybrid Divot Tool; XL 2.0 Divot
Tool; Alignmee Marker Alignment Tool and Hatclip Ball Marker.

Pitchfix currently has operational and manufacturing facilities in China, the Netherlands and the U.S.  In the U.S. the company recently opened three fulfillment centers with five customer facing/support employees to facilitate custom order processing and fulfillment. Custom orders are fulfilled within two to eight days of receipt.

With Father's Day coming up, these would make a perfect gift for that special golfer in your life!

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Thank you so very much Pitchfix for the amazing products and customer service!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EyeBuyDirect Eyeglasses Review...

Thanks to EyeBuyDirect, I am really excited to tell you about their products!

First, I received the Aisha Red Prescription Eyeglasses...

I love the red color and beautiful design! I wore them to the grocery store today and got a lot of compliments on them.

See how pretty they are on...

These semi-rimless, oval frames have it all! They offer maximum comfort with a built-in spring hinge. I am really impressed with how well I can see in them. My new Aisha glasses are high quality and very classy!

Next, I got the Asa Black Prescription Eyeglasses...

These are perfect for casual and dressy! I plan on taking them with me on our trip to Mexico. 

Here is what they look like on...

The oval shaped frames came in a cool glossy black finish. I love the unique temples that feature a carved wave design and gorgeous rhinestone accents. I also really like the adjustable nose pads and plastic arms.

I am very picky and was extremely happy with the products I received. I give both of my new glasses a huge thumbs up! I had so much fun shopping the site. It is so fun that I could download a picture of myself, then see what glasses looked like on before ordering. 

EyeBuyDirect was founded in 2005 with the belief that everyone has the right to better vision. Their vertically integrated business allows them to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. They do everything with the customer in mind!

Make sure and visit EyeBuyDirect on Twitter and Facebook!

Thank you so very much EyeBuyDirect for the amazing products and customer service!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mary Kay Review...

Thanks to Laurin Hanson, a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I am excited to tell you about some amazing products!

Here are the fabulous items I received...

I have been using the above items and love them! First, let me tell you a little about some TimeWise products...

The cleanser combines age-fighting benefits plus three essential skin care benefits in one product, to cleanse, exfoliate and refresh – revealing younger-looking skin.
TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer is formulated with a patented complex that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains a powerful antioxidant to help guard against free radical damage. Hydrates for up to 10 hours.
  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.
  • Oil- and fragrance-free. Hypoallergenic.
  • Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)
I absolutely love the way my face feels after using these two products! My sensitive skin is very happy with these.

The TimeWise repair volu-fill is a super cool deep wrinkle filler! Since I am a grandma now, this is just what I need! Here are some of it's cool features...

Targeted formula immediately fills in deep wrinkles and helps improve their appearance over time.
  • 100% of women showed an improvement in the appearance of wrinkle severity.*
  • Significantly impacts the appearance of all six wrinkle zones.**
  • Deep wrinkles appear to be visibly plumped. 
  • Deep wrinkles are targeted by retinol.
  • Won’t flake or ball up. Dries to an invisible finish.

I have been using the indulge soothing eye gel. My poor tired eyes, perk right up with this cool gel. Not only is it refreshing, but it also moisturizes. It's great that it is suitable for sensitive skin.

The Satin Lips set is fantastic! If you haven't tried it, do. you will love it! I also got a Lash Love lengthening mascara, eye crayons, tinted balm and more!

Click here to get a virtual makeover on Laurin's personal Mary Kay website!

Laurin is a wonderful beauty consultant! I highly recommend her! Here is her contact info below...

Thank you so very much Laurin for the amazing products and customer service!

Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*

Monday, April 20, 2015

GreaterGood Shop Review and Giveaway...

Thanks to the GreaterGoodShop, I am super excited to tell you about their products!

We received the adorable Look Who's Smiling Book...

We can't wait to fill this terry cloth soft photo book from Manhattan Toy with pictures! Babies love to look at family photos. It includes features like clacking rings, crinkling crinkle paper, and a variety of textures.

It holds up to 5 photos and is great for ages 6 months and up. This also is perfect for a baby shower gift and will bring lots of smiles!

Next, we got the Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano...

This fun piano from Patch Products teaches about cause and effect and offers an engaging sensory experience.

When children press a key on the piano, they not only hear a sound, they see a star pop up! The clear dome guides the shooting stars onto a different pipe so when another note is played, they’ll pop some more! Flip the switch to go from piano tones to hearing fun sound effects when the keys are pressed. Adults can remove the dome to allow the 1-1/4" stars to land and bounce on the floor, encouraging children to crawl after them. Pop! Pop! 

This is wonderful! It helps with cognitive learning, experiencing bright colors, sounds and more! Perfect for ages 12 months and up.

My family loves the items we received! The GreaterGood Shop has so many fun items to pick from! They have toysjewelryapparelgifts and much more!

At the GreaterGood Shop, every purchase gives back to a worthy cause, at no extra cost to you! Each of their cause-related websites partners with non-profits and provides support through many different easy actions.

Visit the GreaterGood Shop on Facebook!

Thank you so very much the GreaterGood Shop for the amazing products and customer service!

Now, here's the really exciting part...

I get to give one lucky winner a GreaterGood Shop $50 Gift Card!

Enter to win this giveaway below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mantry Greetings from Tennessee Crate Review...

Thanks to Mantry, I am super excited to tell you about their products!

Our Mantry crate got here fast and was well protected.

This is what it looked like when I first opened it...

I received the Greetings from Tennessee crate! I am excited to to try everything it came with!

Our fun wooden crate was filled with lots of Tennessee goodies. My personal favorite was the old fashion caramels. I have already eaten them all, and they were so yummy! I used the hot chicken rub for dinner last night and my family loves it. We also got a country ham, bread, jam and cake. We are really impressed with our crate and give Mantry a thumps up!
Any of these crates would make a great Father's day gift. My hubby was impressed with how cool everything looked in the crate. He was excited to open it and to start trying things out. 

More about the company: What is Mantry?
We have one simple mission: To deliver a new and exciting food experience every month. Our monthly crate allows you to discover and eat 6 full-size, super premium foods from around America, with little commitment.
The food & beverage items that you'll receive in your Mantry are not your typical grocery store varieties. Led by the hand of amazing Artisan makers, these foods are painstakingly sourced and lovingly crafted into the perfect original theme.

Make sure and also visit Mantry on Twitter and Facebook!

Thank you so very much Mantry for the amazing products and customer service!
Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aloha Eyes Sunglasses Review...

Thanks to Aloha Eyes, I am super excited to tell you about their fabulous products!

Our package arrived fast and well protected...

We had a blast shopping their site and picked out some really fun sunglasses!

Our boys have a motorcycle and also a four wheeler that these Camo Spex Polarized Camouflage Sport Goggles are going to be perfect for! 

They look like sunglasses but have padding around the eyes like goggles. So you can look cool without having to wear big heavy goggles. I love that they are protected to keep the sun's UV rays out. They are also polarized so you don't get any glare from the sun. My hubby is excited to wear them when he goes 4 wheeling this summer. My son loves the Camo look. He said he can't wait to wear them when he goes hunting. 

We also love these Oxen Semi Rimless Sport Unisex Sunglasses with a poly-carbonate frame...

The 100% UV protection is awesome and going to be great when I am on the beach in Mexico soon! I love that these are versatile and look great casual or dressy. The semi rimless style really is flattering on! I am thrilled with how well they fit. These are also really comfortable on.


Next, let me tell you about the Oxen Full Rim Sport Unisex Poly-carbonate Sunglasses...

My hubby loves the style of these sunglasses! He said they add a little more flash than plain glasses. He loves the orange design on the sides. The wrap around lenses also brightens everything up and are very comfortable to wear.

My very favorite sunglasses are the Olivia Designer Sunglasses with Stylish Crystal Patterned Frames...

My new Olivias came with gorgeous Swarovski crystals embedded into the front and side of the frame. They are classy and will match my new swimsuit perfectly. These sunglasses are so beautiful, I LOVE them! A woman always feels great with a little bling on! I am ecstatic to wear these on the beach and know I will get lots of compliments on them when I do.

All four of these glasses come with a cool bag to protect them from getting scratched when you're not wearing them.  My family loves our new sunglasses and gives Aloha Eyes a huge thumbs up!

More about the company: Aloha’s dream team of designers create beautiful, exciting and innovative sunglasses, readers, and reading sunglasses. Perfect for people who believe that life is a wonderful adventure, and fashion is an important part of it. You should look great and feel fabulous about yourself on this adventure, wherever it leads.They use only the highest quality, durable frame materials with optical quality lenses, so you will always have crystal clear vision on every adventure. Whether you want to look cool, casual, sophisticated or even “over the top”, Aloha has you covered.

Make sure and also visit Aloha Eyes on Twitter and Facebook!

Thank you so very much Aloha Eyes for the amazing products and customer service!

Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*