Thursday, January 14, 2021

Lovepop Valentine's Day Giveaway...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on
behalf of LovepopAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Lovepopam super excited for this fabulous Valentine's Day giveaway!

From decorations and flower bouquets to shareable cards and stationery, Lovepop’s handcrafted pop-up products make it easy to celebrate every holiday, milestone, and occasion in meaningful and memorable ways. 

My family is thrilled with the new Lovepop Valentine's Day items! Here are a few of our personal favorites...

I really love this card with a basket of flowers. It is so pretty and the hearts add the perfect touch!

Next check out this awesome card...

The Truckloads of Love pop-up card is so fun! The love license plate on the front makes me smile. :)

I think the laser cut front is really neat. I know my dad will love getting one of these and I can't wait to give it to him!

I think the Red Sakura Tree cards are so beautiful!

I can't wait to send them to my friends and family. The little red heart leaves are adorable.

This floral love card is another beauty! 

It reminds me of my angel mom. I think the cut out floral details are elegant.

We also love the Lovepop flowers we received...

I can't wait to display this gorgeous centerpiece! What a blessing that we can not only enjoy these now but for many years to come!

My family knows you will love Lovepop and their fabulous products as much as we do! Thank you so very much LovePop for the amazing products!

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one lucky winner a fun Lovepop variety pack!

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Ice Castles Review and Promo Code...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Ice CastlesAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Ice Castlesam super excited to tell you about the amazing family night we had last night!

Ice Castles is an award-winning frozen attraction located in four cities across North America.

The experience is built using hundreds of thousands of icicles hand-placed by professional ice artists.

We had a blast listening to the music as we explored all of the different areas!

The castles include breathtaking LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains and much more.

Our family had lots of fun going down the slides!

There is something truly magical about experiencing the Ice Castles! We know your family will love them as much as ours does.

It was so cool watching the lights change colors!

Thank you so very much Ice Castles for the fabulous experience. We look forward to coming again in the future.

Now here's the really exciting part!

My readers can enter promo code staycalm15 to receive 15% off your Utah location tickets here

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Stuckey's Giveaway...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on
behalf of Stuckey'sAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Stuckey's I am super excited for another fabulous giveaway!

This world famous company started in 1937. I love that it is a family owned business.

My family loves the awesome things we have received! You can read our review here.

This box is full of so many fun goodies! I am really excited for this fantastic giveaway. I know it will be a HUGE hit!

Stuckey's is also giving away a free ornament with every order between now and Dec. 14th...

Our family loves this fun ornament! These would also make perfect gifts as well.

Those who remember the Stuckey’s of yesterday will smile with approval on the Stuckey’s of today. It’s a sure bet that W.S. Stuckey, Sr. would, too.

Visit their website and learn more about them. Thank you so very much Stuckey's for the amazing products!

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one lucky winner a Stuckey's Gift Box!

Enter to win hereGood luck giveaway ends Dec 31st.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Earth Baby Giveaway...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Earth BabyAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Earth Baby I am super excited to tell you about some of their awesome products!

Earth Baby was curated out of a grandmother’s love for her grandchild. Florence Nacino saw a need for a product line using certified organic ingredients.

We love that all of their products are truly non-toxic, gentle and effective on baby’s skin, hair and body.

Our family is thrilled with our new On The Go Kit...

This awesome kit includes sunscreen, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer gel and a calming mist. 

It is perfect for on the go! Everything came packed in an nice organic pouch and ready for when we travel.

We also love their different hand sanitizers...

It is great they are each infused with antioxidants. They are also hypoallergenic and non-irritating which is so important since we have sensitive skin!

These kill germs and keep your hands soft, fresh and clean with their gentle nourishing formula. The Peppermint Twist is my personal favorite!

It is fabulous that Earth Baby packs everything so neatly! The moisturizing lotion, germ buster and Bath Essential Kit are all wonderful as well. What perfect gifts any of their items will make.

Thank you so much Earth Baby for the amazing products! 

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one lucky winner a $35 Earth Baby gift card!

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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Endless Games Camera Roll Giveaway...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Endless GamesAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Endless Games I am super excited to kick off this amazing giveaway!

Endless Games offers card games, party games, trivia games, family games, children’s games and more. Make sure and check them out here!

Our family has been having a blast playing Camera Roll...

Camera Roll is such a fun way for me to show off some of my pictures! To play this game you just find a photo that connects to a subject card. Then everyone that finds a photo gets a point.

You can score bonus points for being first, or if your photo best matches the subject or phrase on the card!

If you don't have the picture you are looking for then you can use the search up cards. They allow players to search for photos or videos on social media sites.

The game comes with 238 subject cards, 50 search up cards, 1 30 second sand timer, 1 dry-erase marker, 1 score card and the instructions.

I love taking pictures and sharing them so I could not wait to get this all set up and start playing it!

I think the score card is awesome so we can just erase it and use it over and over again.

The first card we picked said, this makes me happy. So we all rushed to find a good picture. 

My hubby found his first. He was excited he got extra points for it being the best picture.

He picked an adorable picture of our precious granddaughter. Next we got to search for a travel photo. 

Everyone liked my travel photo I pulled up on my phone from a few years ago when we were in Paris! 

This game was easy to play and lots of fun! We enjoyed laughing and sharing memories together!

We love that this is a game we can play in person and also virtually as well. Our family and friends are all over the world and we are excited to be able to play this with them!

Head on over to get your Camera Roll on Amazon here! This is such a fantastic gift idea! Thank you so very much Endless Games for the really awesome products!

Now here's the really exciting part!

Giveaway time! I get to give one lucky winner a fabulous Camera Roll game!

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Goodtimer Giveaway and Promo Code...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of GoodtimerAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Goodtimer I am super excited to tell you about their awesome products! 

We were so excited when our Goodtimer arrived!

Goodtimer is the hottest new educational toy of 2020! This five-time award-winning product is all about encouraging kids to do their best every day!

Our granddaughter could not wait to open the box...

We received the device, a children's book, a decorative sticker sheet, a charging cable, 32 reusable tokens and a plush pouch!

The first thing we did was read the story it came with as a family to learn all of the fun things about Goodtimer.

After we read the story it was time to start testing it out. We think it is fabulous that the Goodtimer glows with soothing green lights and that it has encouraging sounds that motivate kids.

We love that it is customizable for what we choose is best for our family. Good time can be earned for lots of different things. It has been so fun watching the kids get excited as they each earn tokens!

Our grandkids have been loving using their Goodtimer! It is helping them with serving others, helping around the house, being good listeners and much much more!

The best part is, kids LOVE feeling celebrated for their accomplishments when they earn Goodtimer tokens they can save and exchange for fun incentives.

Goodtimers smart software and adjustable difficulty settings will grow with your child, encouraging them to form healthy habits for years to come!

It is great to take with you even when riding on your horse. Our family loves Goodtimer and we know yours will too. We love all of the things our Goodtimer is helping us with. Thank you so very much Goodtimer!

You can learn more about them and order yours here and also on Amazon! My readers can enter the promo code GIFT50 to receive 50% off a Goodtimer! This is such a fantastic gift idea!

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one really lucky winner a Goodtimer!

Enter to win by sharing this giveaway and leaving a comment. Tell me in your comment what you learned and love about Goodtimer! 

Giveaway will end December 12th 10pm MST.