Monday, October 19, 2020

Zen of Sleep Giveaway and Coupon Code...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Zen of SleepAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Zen of Sleep I am super excited to tell you about their awesome products! You can read their story and learn more about the incredible founder Kelle here!

We love everything we received! First we tried the heavenly pillow sprays...

The Citrus Calm has mixed citrus fragrances that help you feel peaceful and happy. It also really helps relieve anxiety and nervousness. 

I think it is marvelous that it helps promote a deeper, more restful and joyful sleep!

The Sleep Well has calming and relaxing Ylang Ylang, citrus and a hint of grounding with Patchouli. 

These sleep enhancing pillow sprays really help my hubby and I have a better nights sleep! They are made with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Now I am excited to tell you about their awesome weighted blanket and beautiful plush velour cover. Look how pretty the cover is...

It is so soft and luxurious! I think it is wonderful that it can even be machine washed. That is so important when you have pets and kids for sure.

Now here are some benefits of weighted blankets...

Better Sleep: Improve your sleep quality by stimulating every relevant pressure point on your body to calm your nervous system. Helps your body to relax.

Improved Mood: Helps to boost Serotonin levels.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety: The weight and pressure helps to balance the nervous system allowing your body to calm and de-stress. 

Boost Immunity: Having a good nights sleep is key to having good health. 

Also great for  ADHD, Insomnia, Autism and more.

The advanced sewing technology and small pockets guarantee the blankets never leak beads. Another bonus is the glass beads are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

It is not only ultra soft but it is also breathable. That is really awesome so you can use it anytime of the year. My hubby and I both think this high quality weighted blanket is really fantastic! 

My family is always looking for gift ideas and all of these items are perfect for giving as gifts!

Make sure and visit their website to check out all of the other fabulous products they offer as well. 
Thank you so very much Zen of Sleep for the amazing products that help us sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed!

Now here's the really exciting part!

This special coupon code TTSC10 is for all of my readers to get 10% off on the Zen of Sleep website! (good for all products except the rebounder)

Now it's giveaway time...

I get to give one lucky winner 2 awesome pillow sprays and a set of bamboo pillowcases! I will also be sending the winner some fun Trying To Stay Calm surprises as well! :)

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

KetoKrate Giveaway and Promo...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on
behalf of KetoKrateAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to KetoKrate I am super excited to tell you about their fun Keto subscription boxes!

These incredible boxes each have a great mix of delicious sweet and savory Keto friendly snacks.

You can signup to have these low carb snacks come right to your door every month!

All snacks are 5g of carbs per serving or less (usually much less). This is such a fantastic way to help you stick to your Keto plan and achieve your goals. 

Check out the fabulous Keto Krate we received...

When I opened the box I first saw a fun booklet with tips, recipes, Halloween ideas, motivational stories and more!

I was so excited when it arrived and I couldn't wait to try everything! As soon as my hubby got home from work we had a fun taste testing party.

First we tried the chicken chips and the cheese crisps...

The chicken chips are crispy and really good. The cheese crisps are by far my very favorite out of everything we tried. I love that they are made with 100% natural cheese. They are so tasty and flavorful! I already ate them all mmm and now I am craving more.

Next we tried the Smartcakes and the Ketobar...

We were really impressed with the Smartcake! It was soft and the raspberry cream flavor is so good. The maple pecan Ketobar was really sweet and we both love the pecans in it. They are both so yummy!

My hubby said his personal favorites are the beef stick and pork belly bites...

We can't wait to try the nut butter, seasoned pumpkin seeds, salted caramel flavored syrup and blueberry nut protein bar next. I love that we can ease the temptation of sugar filled snacks by having delicious Keto friendly full size snacks on hand! 

Keto Krate is gluten free, maltitol free, aspartame free, and soy and sucralose conscious. Another thing our family loves about the yummy things we received is they are unique healthy products we don't see at local stores here. 

This great company believes everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy and beautiful!

Now here's the really exciting part!

My readers can click here to receive a special promo of buy one get one free!

My family knows you will love KetoKrate and their fabulous products as much as we do!

Thank you so very much KetoKrate for the amazingly delicious products!

Now it's giveaway time...

I get to give one lucky winner a Keto Krate!

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Notes To Self Review and Giveaway...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Notes To SelfAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Notes To Self I am super excited to tell you about their awesome products!

Laura Schmidt started this fabulous company to put her belief in the power of positive thinking into action (and on people’s feet!).

Laura’s enthusiasm comes from helping others increase their confidence and reach their goals.

She says, “I like the idea that someone wearing the socks sees a phrase such as ‘I am strong’ first thing in the morning when they are putting on their shoes, and at the end of the day.” 

What a incredible idea! All of the fun positive messages are for sure going to uplift and brighten your day!

Our family just added another precious baby girl and we are thrilled with the baby items we received...

Every grandchild for sure needs a pair of grandma loves me socks in my opinion! :)

These are so cute and are perfect for baby boys and girls. I really like how soft and comfy they are.

We also love this beautiful boxed set for baby girls...

We can't wait for our sweet granddaughter to grow into these! I know they are going to look so adorable on her.

The saying is perfect since she truly is a huge blessing to our family! This three-piece set came with a white one piece outfit, white infant socks and a pink hat.  

I think it's fabulous that it comes neatly packaged in a nice box ready to give. What a wonderful baby shower and new baby gift. It also comes in blue for a baby boy.

Now check out this fun holiday gift idea...

This set comes with three pairs of awesome socks! One that says I believe and two that say I am joyful on them. I really love each one of them. 

The silver box tied with a satin ribbon is so beautiful! What a great idea this would be for everyone on your list, especially Santa's helpers!

Look how cute they are on...

I love the white, red, and green colors. They are great for the holidays. We are always looking for ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers and these are perfect!

I have always been a firm believer of positivity! I totally love and support this great company that is full of positive and inspirational messages!

Another thing that deeply touched me is they regularly donate socks to non-profit organizations as well. 

Laura hopes these socks give people, especially the young, encouragement and confidence to become the best that they can be! That is so fantastic!

We love that each one of the positive affirmation products are designed and made in the USA. Thank you so very much Notes To Self for the amazing products!

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one lucky winner an awesome gift set! 

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Monday, October 5, 2020

Serving trays are perfect for entertaining!

Owl Serving Tray
I love getting out my serving trays for parties and family gatherings! This owl tray is so fun and beautiful! The white owl really stands out on the pretty blue background.

I think the size is perfect for holding my hot chocolate, journal, phone and anything else I want to use it for. It is not too small and not too big either.

Owl Serving Tray in use

When I curl up in bed with a good book I love using my serving trays in bed for pamper me time! They hold my drinks and snacks safely so I don't get anything on my elegant bedding. That is important to me.

I also really like silver, bamboo, marble and stainless steel serving trays as well. It depends on the occasion which one I use. I still have one I received for our wedding many years ago that is sentimental to me.

I really like these cool serving trays also...

Horse Serving Tray

I think this horse tray would be so fun to give to my family and friends that have horses! I know they would be a huge hit with each one of them. 

I remember a serving tray my mom had when I was younger that she would always use for special times. She would keep it stored away and it always made me smile when she would get it out.

Lemonade Serving Tray

This lemonade serving tray is one of my personal favorites! I think it is fabulous since I love lemons. I like that it is round shaped and has handles on the sides to make it easy to carry and to serve things on.

Another thing I love to do with serving trays is give them as gifts! They make perfect gifts for all different occasions that everyone will love! They also are something that will get used often and not just sit in a box or on a shelf.

Thank you so very much for letting me share some of my favorite serving trays with you. Now it's your turn to share! What are some of your favorite serving trays? Please leave a comment and let me know.

*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Calm Strips Review and Giveaway...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on
behalf of Calm StripsAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Calm Strips I am super excited to tell you about their awesome products!

I really like the motivational sayings on the envelopes that my Calm Strips came in.

Calm Strips are textured sensory adhesives, designed to help soothe anxiety and fidgeting.

I received the All The Calm 20 strips package that included these 4 fabulous designs below...

I love the different designs! My personal favorite is the Morning Sea since I love the ocean!

When I received my Calm Strips in the mail I put one on my phone, journal and laptop right away.

I also put one on my black leather work notebook. It looks so classy and good on it!

I love that I can take them with me on the go to help bring me peace and comfort as well. 

They are made from a thin but extremely hardy and durable vinyl. Crafted to help with sensory needs by grounding you in a calming scene and giving you a gentle, but textured, surface as a stimulus.

These are just what I needed in my life and perfect for helping me to stay calm.

They really do help and I like that they feature a water-resistant, textured finish.

Running my finger along the strips gives me a sense of calm. The relaxing images also help me to imagine I am in a peaceful place and that helps calm me as well.

I am planning on using these for gifts as well. They will fit perfectly in cards to mail. 

Thank you so very much Calm Strips for the really amazing products!

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one lucky winner a pack of 20 Calm Strips!

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Monday, September 28, 2020

eCreamery Review and Giveaway...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on
behalf of eCreameryAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to eCreamery I am super excited to tell you about their awesome products!

Since 2007 they have been churning classic favorites, original flavors and customers’ unique creations. Their ice cream artists create each and every flavor in a small batch process, then hand pack and label each pint with love.

My family is so impressed with this Gourmet Ice Cream and Gelato Gift Shop. Now it’s easy to quit dreaming and start cookie and ice creaming!

We are thrilled with all of the fun eCreamery products we received. Our family knows you will really love them all as much as we do!

First we tried the pumpkin pie ice cream...

It is so creamy and such a heavenly treat! Especially this time of year, it is absolutely perfect.

The rich, creamy custard is blended to perfection with real pumpkin puree and sweet blend of pumpkin pie spices.

The Sanders hot fudge and classic caramel toppings are so good on all of the ice cream flavors! 

Now check out the fun Santa's Sweet Treat Collection...

The holiday-inspired ice cream flavors and assorted delicious cookie treats are Santa’s favorites and they will be yours, too!

 This collection puts the “happy” in holidays and includes: 

  • White Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream with Chocolate Flakes
  • Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites
  • Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch (Butter Brickle)
  • Sea Salt Caramel Brownie Ice Cream
  • 1 Dozen -  Assorted Cookies with Holiday Labels
We were so excited to try everything out! Some of our grandkids even got to join in on the fun.

First we tried the cookies...

They are seriously so soft and delicious! They melt in your mouth and taste really yummy! 

We had a fun taste testing party to try them all. My personal favorite is the Butterscotch Oatmeal! 

Next we tried the ice cream...

We love how creamy it is! I told them we really need to save some for Santa. They said let's just eat this all now and then get some more for Santa later. :)

Thank you so very much eCreamery for the amazingly delicious products!

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one lucky winner a Santa's Sweet Treat Collection like the one we received!

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