Wednesday, March 8, 2023

I love to pamper myself while traveling...

My hubby and I love to travel! We have been blessed to be able to travel all over the world. I also have had many opportunities to be on movie sets and it's a blast!

We always love affordable international vacations that we plan together as well. My angel mom used to always tell us that half the fun is in the planning, and she is so right! 

When we travel, we like to learn about where we are going before we get there. We research about the place, and then it is always more meaningful to us when we travel. My dear parents shared with us that they went on their honeymoon to a private island. Then for our wedding anniversary, we had so much fun going to the same island they went to on their honeymoon.

It is always so exciting spending time together looking for the best vacation spots. We had lots of fun in Paris...

We enjoyed all of the amazing things there was to see and do there! Our room had a magical view of the Eiffel Tower. We loved seeing it all lit up, it was so stunning! 

I never dreamed when I was younger that I would be able to travel as much as I get to. I am extremely thankful for all of our incredible experiences that our family gets to share together. Building memories together is so wonderful and something that we all love to do.

My hubby and I love to fly and it's always so exciting looking forward to our next adventure! 

I always enjoy pampering myself and trying lots of different types of foods when I travel as well. This world is such a magnificent place and there is so much to discover and see!

Here are some pamper ideas for when you travel:

1. I love to listen to some of my favorite audiobooks when waiting in lines and when on long flights.
2. Bring along your relaxing sound machine or have a saved playlist so you can listen while traveling. 
3. We love getting massages and visiting elegant day spas.
4. Make time to unplug and just savor the moment and enjoy the peace and beauty around you.
5. Pack your comfy and also luxurious pajamas. 
6. I always wear shoes that I have worn before and that I know will be comfortable when I walk a lot.
7. Leave time open for relaxing and to have room to add activities that you find or see.
8. Try something each time you travel that is new and that you have never done before to pamper yourself. Even if it is just a new location to slow down and find calm in.

You know all of those places you want to see and all of those cool things you want to do? It is time to start planning them and setting goals to make them happen! 

This year I have set some amazing travel goals. I am ready to experience new levels of awesomeness! I would love to hear some of your favorite places that you have traveled. 

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Nathan said...

We enjoyed spending time in Thailand. If you haven't been there, you need to go!

Jennifer Wright said...

Our family loves Italy 🇮🇹