Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Proposal Review...

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Star in the Blockbuster
Romantic Comedy from the Directo
r of 27 Dresses

The Proposal

With Never-Before-Seen Alternate Ending

ng to Blu-ray™ Hi-Def and DVD on October 13, 2009

My hubby and I were so excited to be able to review this movie!

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are great together in this romantic comedy! We liked the part when Margaret (Bullock) is trying to save the dog from the eagle but when the eagle takes her cell phone instead she starts telling the eagle to take the dog and give her
cell back. We also liked the grandma (Betty White). She was hilarious through the whole movie, from when she is dressed like an Indian in the woods with Margaret to when she fakes her heart attack to get Andrew (Reynolds) and his dad to stop fighting. This is a good movie from start to finish. I love movies that my hubby and I both like and can watch together! This was for sure one of those!

I liked the alternate ending in the Blu-ray special features too. There are deleted scenes and outtakes.

Corporate ambition makes for strange bedfellows when a hard-nosed executive talks her overworked assistant into a marriage of convenience in The Proposal, on Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. A contemporary romantic comedy from director Anne Fletcher (27 Dresses), The Proposal is available in Two-Disc Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD editions, as well as Single-Disc DVD and Blu-ray editions. Bonus features include filmmaker commentary, bloopers and a hilarious alternate ending. Both Two-Disc DVD and Blu-ray versions also include a Digital Copy of the movie that can be viewed on an array of electronic devices.

Sandra Bullock (The Lake House) and Ryan Reynolds (Adventureland) match comedic wits as the ultimate odd couple in the year’s most hilarious and offbeat love story. With Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers), Craig T. Nelson (Blades of Glory), Malin Ackerman (The Heartbreak Kid) and a scene-stealing Betty White (Bringing Down the House) rounding out one of the funniest casts in recent memory, The Proposal keeps the sparks flying and the laughs coming with sharply witty dialogue and dazzling chemistry.

Bonus Features for The Proposal:
· Set Antics: Outtakes and Other Absurdities From The Proposal — Bloopers and light moments on set with the cast and crew of The Proposal
· Deleted Scenes
· Audio Commentary by director Anne Fletcher and writer Peter Chiarelli
· Alternate Ending

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) terrorizes her publishing house co-workers with her abrasive, take-no-prisoners management style, especially her overworked assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds). But when Margaret is threatened with deportation to her native Canada because of an immigration technicality, the quick-thinking exec announces that she and Andrew are engaged to be married. Ambitious Andrew agrees to go along with her scheme—if there’s a long-awaited promotion in it for him. Everything is going according to Margaret’s plan, until an overzealous immigration official makes it his business to prove that the couple’s engagement is bogus. To demonstrate her commitment to her new fiancĂ©, Margaret agrees to celebrate the 90th birthday of his colorful grandmother (Betty White) — in Alaska. The editrix’s type-A ways put her at odds with her eccentric future in-laws with hilarious consequences, until the Paxtons teach Margaret a thing or two about family.

Feature run time: 108 Minutes
Technical specifications may only apply to feature
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Sound: BD: English 5.1 DTS-HD 48KH3/24-bit;
DVD: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Languages: English, Spanish, French

We’re Getting Married

Take the Dog


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Unknown said...

I also watched this with my Hubby and we both loved it! We saw it in the theaters and it was great!

Lisa said...

We want to watch this!

Unknown said...

Great review thanks Shauna!

Abatevintage said...

Shauna how fun. I am off to rent it today. I think it looks great.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED this movie (although there was an uncomfortable nude scene that made me nervous). It was cute.

Danette said...

We are excited to see this!

Fliterary said...

I keep hearing such cute things about the movie. Can't wait to see it!

Unknown said...

I am going to have to go see this!

Jenny V. said...

Haven't had the chance to watch this. But I heard its great.

Susan Brady said...

I am a follower of long standing!
When my husband finally gave in to me and took me to this movie he was pleasantly surprised. Although he enjoys Sandra Bullock, so many people kept telling him it was a chick flick, and it it. But he loved it and want to own it. Hope we win!

Tara D. said...

I loved this movie; my boyfriend has yet to watch it. Definitely a movie I would LOVE to own. :)

Cluttered Brain said...

I just got this movie from Redbox. Going to watch it in a little while. YEAH! Are you giving a FREE copy away toy our readers???
Stop toying with is Shauna. Get a FREE copy and give it away to us. I LOVE Sandra Bullock. Or just give me the movie. LOL!
Great Review,BTW.

mrsshukra said...

Missed this in the theaters but will catch it on DVD very soon!

Sondra said...

I thought it was cute... It reminded me a lot of "While you were sleeping". I went with my 15 year old son.... very uncomfortable with the almost (VERY almost nude)scene. I can't add it to my library of DVD's due to this almost nude scene. That was the kicker for me that streached the PG-13 rating a little tooooo far.

Paul said...

Great couples movie!

Phyllis said...

We just saw this movie last Saturday for the second time. I love this movie.

Becky Andrews said...

I love this movie! Great couples movie, too.

Me said...

It was good! I loved the gramma feeling her up in the wedding dress scene! HA!

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Paige M. said...

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Paige M. said...

i follow.

Paige M. said...

i have your button.

Scrappy Girl said...

I wanted to see this when it was in theatres! How cool to get to review it.

Dee said...

I can't wait to see this movie!