Friday, November 26, 2010

Nutcracker Drum™ Christmas Gift Basket Review...

Thanks to we got to review their Nutcracker Drum™ Christmas Gift Basket!

Another exclusive addition to their collection of Christmas baskets, this stunning red and gold Nutcracker drum will delight for years to come. Overflowing with decadent festive treats, this basket is so much fun! 

It has classic nutcracker cookies in both red and green, chocolate peppermint cookie brittle, peanut brittle, butter wafers, white chocolate amaretto wafers, English toffee caramels, peanut roll, and  praline pecans.We love the looks of it and all the yummy things it came packed full of. 

What came in the Nutcracker Drum Basket:
· Red Nutcracker Cookie by Nikki's Cookies - .75 oz. - An all natural sugar cookie covered in dark chocolate, shaped like a nutcracker.
· Green Nutcracker Cookie by Nikki's Cookies - .75 oz. - Another chocolate nutcracker cookie of Nikki's boasts ingredients like Wisconsin farmer's butter.
· Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Brittle by Holly Baking Co. - 6 oz. - This amazing delicacy has a cookie taste and brittle crunch, covered with chocolate and peppermints.
· Peanut Brittle by Old Dominion Peanut Company - 10 oz. 

· Butter Wafers by Lady Walton - 2 oz. - Light and decadent, these Butter Wafers are melt in your mouth delicious and are perfect.
· White Chocolate Amaretto Filled Wafers by Lady Walton - 2 oz. - White chocolate and amaretto give an indulgent twist on a classic favorite.
· English Toffee Caramels by Marich - 2.1 oz. - Milk chocolate surrounds toffee flavored caramel.

· Peanut Roll by Dillon's Gourmet - 3 oz. - Sweetly salty roasted peanuts and rich caramel encompass a nougat center of heaven.
· Praline Pecans by Dillon's Gourmet - 2.5 oz. - This creamy pecan delight is a Southern, old fashioned recipe.

We love this basket and the treats and perfect as well!

Make sure and check out all their holiday gift baskets that they have to offer! 

Thanks for the awesome products!


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Patty said...

This basket looks great for Christmas!

Unknown said...

Oh, this is perfect! Love it

Dan said...

We like to order things like this

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MMMM! This looks fantastic. Heavenly even. I love their website, LOADS of cool stuff! Thanks for this!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

great assortment