Friday, April 1, 2011

SwaddleDesigns Review...

Thanks to SwaddleDesigns I received a SwaddleDuo to review.  The SwaddleDuo is the perfect swaddling set for newborn babies.  

Thanks Jackie for your help with this review!

Newborn babies love to be swaddled, but I always have the hardest time keeping them that way. My babies were always wiggling out of their swaddling blankets.  SwaddleDesigns saved me! Both blankets include SwaddleDesigns’ exclusive and helpful 123 Swaddle® instructional label sewn to the edge of the blanket - to help parents master the art of swaddling.  

My oldest two kids were born in November, but having this baby born during the warm months--in Texas--has made me worried about the baby getting too hot while being swaddled.  I don't even know how to have a baby in the summer.

Lucky for me, SwaddleDesigns has me covered (or my baby!)  SwaddleDesigns’ Goldilock's Guide™ makes it easy for parents to remember the importance of temperature awareness – “Baby should not be too hot or too cold, but just right - comfortably warm.”

SwaddleDuo offers two premium cotton fabric choices - two swaddle blankets in one wonderful gift box with touch & feel window:
· The Ultimate Receiving Blanket® is a lightweight premium cotton flannel blanket – for moderate to cooler environmental temperatures
· The Marquisette Swaddling Blanket® is a very lightweight openweave cotton blanket – for warmer environmental temperatures
  SwaddleDuo MSRP of $38

I am loving the Marquisette blanket for summertime-it is perfect. And the Ultimate Receiving Blanket is so nice.  My baby will be covered all year round!  Blankets come individually or as a set.
New parents will love this set as well as repeat parents- they really are the best receiving blankets I have found! Thanks SwaddleDesigns!

More about SwaddleDesigns:
Founded by Lynette Damir, RN, in 2002, SwaddleDesigns is focused on helping new parents care for their baby and providing accurate information so  parents may make informed choices. SwaddleDesigns is known for their high quality products at affordable prices, and is credited for bringing the large square swaddling blanket to market.

*I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*


Amy said...

Great review Shauna! I have a baby shower soon that I am going to buy this for.

Jamie said...

I love blankets like these ;)

Unknown said...

These truly are fantastic! I LOVE them!


What a great idea for my baby! Thank you for the review.