Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gulliver’s Guide to Friendship...

Prepare for laughs and adventure for the whole family!

Dives onto Blu-ray and DVD with Loads of Fun and Great Value for Moms on April 19, 2011
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Gulliver’s Guide to Friendship
Fun for the whole family, as well as lessons in friendship can be found in GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, available on 2-disc DVD with Gulliver’s Fun Pack and the 3-disc Triple Play option containing Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on April 19.

In the flick starring Jack Black and Jason Segel, Gulliver (Black) meets Horatio (Segel) in the mystical land of Lilliput, and the two become fast friends, bonding over shared likes and helping each other with love connections. Here is Gulliver’s own handy guide to making friends and keeping love ones happy—a perfect piece for anyone!
1)      Don’t lie to your friends about your writing abilities…or anything for that matter!
Gulliver has a massive crush on co-worker Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet). He’s terrified to ask her on an official date, and when he finally gathers the courage to confront her about his true feelings, he chickens out, making up a story about his interest in writing a travel piece for the magazine. The problem is that Gulliver has no skills in the writing department. However, that doesn’t stop him from pretending and getting everyone involved in trouble. The lesson here: lying is never the best policy, and your friends always deserve the truth. 
2)      Offer advice on life, love and everything else! Listen to your friends’ problems with an open ear.
Horatio is having some girl trouble. Life’s tough when you have fallen in love with the princess of your kingdom, and she is destined to marry the rude and crude General Edward (Chris O’Dowd)! Gulliver coaches his lovelorn friend in the ways of romance and helps Horatio woo the girl of his dreams by just discovering himself. Gulliver’s Final Tip: A friend in need is a friend indeed, while a friend in love is a friend that you won’t get sick of!
3)      Always make your best buds laugh. Entertainment every day is the perfect addition to any friendship!
One of Gulliver’s favorite things to do is to entertain the masses, and he becomes a huge asset to Lilliput by imparting his vast knowledge of pop culture and feature films onto them. The townspeople take his own interpretations of such classics as Star Wars, Titanic and Avatar and perform them, creating a mini theater troupe that had previously not existed. When you can make people laugh, you’ve won a lifelong companion.

4)      Stand up for your friends when they need you the most—especially when an evil General is attacking!
After General Edward is put in his place by both Princess Mary (Emily Blunt) and her father King Theodore (Billy Connolly), he decides to exact revenge on the entire kingdom, including Gulliver’s BFF Horatio. Though many convoluted events made it easier for Gulliver to flee for his own good, he realizes that the most important thing in the world is to care for your loved ones and defend them when they need help. Even when they are being attacked by a crazed General who has found a giant robotic machine!
5)      No matter what: Accept your pals for who they are and don’t ask them to change their personalities or beliefs.
Horatio might not have been the most brilliant guy in the land of Lilliput or the most charming man when it came to the ladies, but Princess Mary saw the kindness in his heart and the sincerity in his actions and was swept away. Never asking him to change, she believed in him and knew that everyone can bring a positive energy if they are just themselves. After Gulliver’s many lies were found out, the town and even Darcy also him—everyone makes mistakes and everyone can grow after they learn from them.
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