Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mayhem 3D XBOX 360 Game Review...

Since we have all boys we were really excited to review the Mayhem 3D XBOX 360 game! This game has been a HUGE hit here at our house. Our boys love racing games and are having a blast playing this. It came with 3D glasses and they think that is the coolest thing ever. They are having fun with the demolition derby mode because they like to crash into each other.

We like that this game has a lot of different challenges. One of our favorites is the Pit Pusher. You race against the clock to knock all of the targets into the pit. The other fun challenges are Duck Shoot, Rear Wrecker, and Part Collector. This game gets a thumbs up from everyone here at our house!

Start your engines! 

Time to crush or be crushed in the white-knuckle racing and car destruction game. Featuring a 3D gameplay option compatible with any TV and a graphic novel aesthetic, Mayhem boasts 20 levels in five arenas and four exciting game modes.

Up to eight users can brawl at a time or two local players can go head-to-head on a splitscreen. Drivers can choose from 120 different vehicles in six different classes and earn 'Mayhem Points' to unlock new levels by smashing into an opponent's vehicle resulting in a loss of parts or even explosions.
  • Diverse environments.
  • 4 gameplay modes.
  • Vehicle customization.
  • Drivers can earn boost from collecting parts knocked off other vehicles filling the boost meter to receive "Ramming Speed."
  • Bonus minigame challenges.
  • Optional 3D.
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Rob said...

This game sounds like it rocks! Thanks for the review.

Lisa said...

We have boys at our house that would love to play this.

Unknown said...

What a cool review! Thank you Shauna

fredamans said...

Great review, will have to grab this one for my son.

Kathy said...

Thanks to this review, I know what I am getting to put in my sons Easter basket. Thank you!

Todd said...

Wow, I want this game.