Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your Best Face Skincare Review...

Thanks to Your Best Face we got to try some of their products!

Lightweight & well-tolerated
The entire YBF line is lightweight and refreshing! You'll enjoy the change of pace from traditional skincare that's heavy or waxy.

We really love all the products we tried! Here's a couple of our favorites below we want to tell you about...

Their anti-aging lip balm, Quench Lip Treatment is wonderful! I love the peppermint flavor it has. My lips felt so soft after using this. They also increased Quench's antioxidant protection, further adding to the cumulative benefits you might not experience with traditional lip balms.
The Balance is a dream cream for calmer skin that feels matte. It is anti-aging skincare that also helps your skin look healthy, feel matte and be calm. Balance also fights against new breakouts as well as helps to decrease the duration and damage of existing breakouts.

The result with Balance is skin with a healthy-looking sheen that feels matte and doesn't become oily
I love things that help me and my skin be calm :) My face really likes this product.

Great skincare products can be effective and still well-tolerated, which is part of the YBF appeal. They use effective, but gentle and healing ingredients. .
No perfumes, just great-smelling actives 

Their products already smell great because of their active ingredients such as spin trap, nutmeg butter and other extracts. There's no reason to add perfumes, so they don't!

Make sure and check out this great skincare line to learn about all the wonderful products they have!

Thanks Your Best Face for the awesome products and customer service!

DISCLAIMER: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.* 


Amy said...

Wow sounds great I am off to check out their site now!

Lisa said...

My face needs this thank you for the review Shauna

Sue said...

I am going to put these products on my wish list thanks!

Valerie said...

Your Best Face products would be super to try!

Angela said...

These products are amazing!!! I loved the review :)Love your blog :)

Unknown said...

Oh man! This last pregnancy has done a number on my face. I'm going to have to try this...I've never had my skin do such wacky things.