Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nerdy Shirts Review

My brother and I have a longstanding tradition: we always get each other funny t-shirts for gifts.  I have come across some cool ones in my day, but NerdyShirts.com by far takes the cake.

I ask you, what is more amazing than a collection of Star Wars, vintage Nintendo, Superheros, various comic books or movies, and MUCH more?  I think these shirts make the perfect gift.

NerdyShirts.com recently sent me a Tetris Addict and lol Cats t-shirt.  When I opened the package I was genuinely surprised by how soft the fabric was. That is a major selling point for me. The colors look great, and the fabric is very high quality.  They fit true to size, which I particularly love when buying online.  They are also long, which I REALLY appreciate.

NerdyShirts.com has shirts for guys, gals, and even kids. They also have hoodies, watches and other accessories.  Every enthusiast will love to get something from Nerdy Shirts!

Don't spoil the surprise, but I'm pretty sure I am getting Nerdy Shirts for my whole family this Christmas!  They are going to love them.

Go check out NerdyShirts.com and see all the awesome products they have.
You can also check them out on facebook HERE.
They are on twitter HERE.

Here is a sample of some of my favorites:


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House of Sarager said...

I love this! I want that one of those Dunder Mifflin shirts. How cool! Thanks!

Lisa said...

My cousin is so getting one of these from me for Christmas this year. Thanks for the great review!

Sue said...

Fun shirts!

Sue said...

Love this review thanks!