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Tooth Fairy 2 Review...

Get Ready For Laughs in spring’s funniest fish-out-of-water comedy with heart starring everyone’s favorite tough guy (…in a tutu!)
TOOTH FAIRY 2 came out on Blu-ray and DVD March 6

We are so excited this is out now! Come visit my post HERE of my exciting trip of me visiting the Tooth Fairy 2 movie set!

The comedy with bite is back and funnier than ever, TOOTH FAIRY 2 arrived on Blu-ray and DVD March 6 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The one man comedy phenomenon Blue Collar Comedy Tour’s Larry the Cable Guy (Cars, Cars 2, and History Channel’s Only in America) sinks his teeth into this outrageous follow-up to the 2010 theatrical hit Tooth Fairy.

Larry Guthrie (Larry the Cable Guy) is a fun-loving dreamer with a serious mission: win back the love of his life before she makes a terrible mistake and marries the wrong man!  In his attempt to get back on his long lost love’s good side, Larry visits the school where she works and make’s a horrible mistake…  He accidentally tells a child that the Tooth Fairy is just a myth.  Crushing the child’s dreams sets off a chain of events that are far more than Larry bargained for including being  “sentenced” to become a Tooth Fairy or face  having his memories erased for good…PLUS losing any chance of getting back the girl of his dreams!  Larry is brought before a 500-year-old Tooth Fairy stuck in a 10-year-old girl’s body (played by newcomer Brady Reiter) for sentencing.  The Tooth Fairy demands that Larry make retribution by temporarily serving as a Tooth Fairy and proving that Tooth Fairies really do exist. His mission?  Larry must collect 20 teeth in 20 days. With his orders in hand, Larry embarks on a journey to prove the existence of Tooth Fairies and to win back the love of his life.

It’s tutu times the laughs watching Larry strut his stuff in pink tights and ballet shoes as he tries to prove he can git-r-done!

Filed with tons of heartwarming laughs for the entire family, the TOOTH FAIRY 2 Blu-ray and DVD includes five fun featurettes you and your family will not want to miss including the following: 
TOOTH FAIRY 2 Special Features:
·         Why Do I Lose My Baby Teeth?
·         Return to Fairyland – Making Tooth Fairy 2
·         Larry the Hairy Fairy
·         Tooth Fairy 2 introduces – Crusher the Pig
·         A Memory to Remember
Release Date:                    March 6, 2012
U.S. Rating:                       PG         
Total Run Time:                 89 minutes

Release Date:                    March 6, 2012
U.S. Rating:                       PG                         
Total Run Time:                 89 minutes

Our Review...

We love Larry the Cable Guy!! He was so awesome to hang out with on this movie set! Seeing him in a pink tutu is priceless! This movie has lots of laughs. We thought it was funny when Larry is complaining to Nix about having to wear a tutu. She started changing him into a bunch more outfits that were worse than the tutu. Then she decided to compromise and let him wear overalls, but she still made them pink. We loved it when Larry is at the first kids house to get her tooth and all of a sudden he gets chased out of the yard by the guard pig named Crusher. That little pig is so cute!

I know because I got to met Crusher face to face and have my picture taken with this adorable pig! We felt bad for Larry when this guy keeps making him look bad and immature in front of Brooke, the love of Larry's life. She decides to marry the other guy but Larry is determined to win her back. It's fun to see all the changes Larry makes in his life as he tries to get Brooke to fall in love with him again. This is a good family movie and everyone will enjoy it.

There are some really cool special features also! Larry answers the question, Why do we loose baby teeth? The making of Tooth Fairy is pretty interesting to watch. There are deleted scenes and lots more. Come visit my post HERE of my exciting trip of me visiting the Tooth Fairy 2 movie set!
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We just bought this movie and can't wait to watch it tonight.

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