Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Smoobee Review and Giveaway...

I got to review some amazing Smoobee products! I'm so excited to tell you all about them... 

Smoobee is a no tangle hair brush that kids and moms absolutely love! Shouldn’t girls love to brush their hair? Absolutely! But as parents, we have been taught to believe that the crying and whining is a part of growing up and part of brushing our kids’ hair. This is simply not true. Having the right brush makes a world of difference. Smoobee was uniquely designed to effectively brush through hair without snagging or catching. It works! It’s great for straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. For intensely curly hair, it will still take much effort but at least Smoobee can make it fun.

I love the three beautiful colors this brush comes in...

Now what makes Smoobee so wonderful? Smoobee Works!

Parents and kids are in need of a hairbrush that can make all of the tangles go away without the tears. With Smoobee, kids are actually excited to brush their hair! Smoobee is Gorgeous! It comes in pink, purple, and turquoise...ooh la la! Kids love the colors and the size is perfect for their hands. They simply won’t let it go and will play with it all day long.

Smoobee can even be bedazzled! The more kids can customize their hairbrush, the more they are likely to brush their own hair. So let them BEDAZZLE their Smoobee with beautiful gem stickers and watch them fall in love!

Looking for a fresh birthday party idea? Why not have a Smoobee party? Invite friends over and let them bedazzle their Smoobee! Make it a “little ladies” hair day. They can do each other’s hair, come up with new looks and have a fantastic time. Get 15% off for purchases of 5 or more Smoobees and gem stickers.

My hair always seems to get tangled so I couldn't wait to get this brush and try it out. WOW I am SUPER impressed with it and LOVE it! The Smoobee is awesome and works great! You can watch a video about it here. It is wonderful being able to brush my hair without snagging or catching. The fun gem stickers that you can decorate them with are so cute! What a brilliant idea the Smoobee is. Something that is useful, fun and so very helpful!

Thanks Smoobee for the fantastic products and customer service!

Now here's the exciting part... 

I get to give a lucky winner a Smoobee brush!!

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