Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discovery Toys Review and Giveaway...

Thanks to Cindy Madison with Discovery Toys we got to review some great products!

First we got the Speed Wiz card game...

This is a fast-paced, innovative, on-the-go brain game that expands vocabulary, organizational, sorting and categorizing skills. Game cards are printed with categories that encourage players to quickly make mental associations. Keep the categories going or you're knocked out. 

This game is perfect to pack with us when we travel. It is fun with two players and also a group of people. We thought it was great you can play multiple game variations and levels of difficulty for all ages. We even got creative and made up some of our own games! 

Next we got the Wordy Speedy Spell game... 

Spin for the letter count, then compete to form words and earn the most points! New words can begin on any red square. Blue squares double your score. Instructions include 2 modes of play: Basic Play, with single players taking turns, and the super fun Speed Play, with all players able to simultaneously form words.

I was so excited to get this because I love word games! We played this game for family night and we all love it! It was fun seeing all the words we could come up with. Guess who won... yep mom of course :) This is our new favorite word game for sure!

Another fantastic product we got is the Marbleworks Starter Set...

Connect colorful tubes, chutes and bases together in different ways to create an infinite number of raceway configurations. As the marbles speed through the course, children learn about the laws of gravity, object permanence and cause and effect. 46 colorful tubes, chutes and bases, 10 marbles. 

 Benefits of game...
  • Connect 46 colorful pieces in different ways for an infinite number of raceway configurations.
  • Foster creativity and experimentation.
  • Promote visualization, spatial thinking skills, and logical reasoning ability.
  • Explore positional concepts: in, out, on, drop, down, under & through.
  • Demonstrate the law of gravity and how to alter speed and movement.
  • Understand the concept of object permanence, as marbles travel in and out the tubes.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination and visual tracking skills.
  • Predict which marble will finish first.
Marbleworks Awards:
  • Dr. Toy's 100 Best Classic Toys
  • Dr. Toy's 100 Best Toys
  • Scholastic's Parent & Child Teacher's Picks Award
This set is really cool and has even won awards! It's great that you can also add pieces to it. What a fun toy this is. We are excited to give it as a gift! Check out the video below...

Visit Cindy's site here to see all the awesome products! You can also check out the July sale here. Discovery Toys also has a great income earning opportunity you can read about here.

Cindy offers a monthly giveaway through her "Mystery Host" Online Party.  If you place an order and after "proceed to checkout" then search for hostess first name: Cindy  last name: Mystery you will be entered to win a portion of the hostess rewards.

Here's a little more about Discovery Toys...

Discovery Toys, the source for building and nurturing creative thinkers. A Discovery Toys product is not a typical educational toy that you can find at every local toy store. They strive to incorporate multiple Layers of Learning into their products that stimulate multiple centers in the brain simultaneously, an experience that promotes both critical thinking and open-ended imaginary play. 

We love this fantastic companies Autism Toy Guide and Special Needs Toy Guide. Thank you so very much Cindy for the amazing products and customer service!

Now here's the really exciting part...

I get to give one lucky winner
a $25 Discovery Toys gift card!

To win use the new easy entry form below... 

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*I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*