Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gigaset Cordless Phone Bundle Review and Giveaway...

Thanks to Gigaset we reviewed one of their new awesome products out! We got the C610A & L410 flexible family bundle shown below...

  • C610A´s enhanced family features: direct call, anonymous call silencing and integrated baby phone with talk-back option
  • Day/night switch mutes C610A’s ringer
  • Clip on the L410 and move with more flexibility while you call
  • Answering machine with up to 45 minutes of recording time
  • C610A’s large TFT colour display
  • One-click call transfer between hands-free clip and handset or take calls directly on clip

We love this bundle it has so many cool features! My personal favorite this is the L410 hands-free clip. Watch the video below about it...

With the wearable Gigaset L410 hands-free clip, you never get a stiff neck or an achy ear. Weighing in at only 30 grams, the clip is exceptionally lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the mobility and flexibility you gain, multi-tasking while phoning is easier than ever. Simply clip the Gigaset L410 to the neckline of your shirt and begin your favorite home activities while calling in perfect sound quality.

Answering machine features:
  • LED display of new messages on base station
  • Skip-back function that repeats the last seconds of messages
  • Voice announcement of messages with date and time
  • Remote message playback
  • Operation of answering machine via handset or base station
  • Hands-free talking on the L410 in perfect sound quality
This bundle set really is fantastic! It was easy to set up and also has a great menu navigation. We love the fun choices of ringer sounds we could pick from. Since I love to talk on the phone so much the hands-free clip is perfect for me. Now my arm won't get tired of holding the phone up to my ear. We are super impressed with the excellent sound quality! Thank you so much Gigaset for the amazing products and customer service!

Now here's the really exciting part...

I get to give one lucky winner the Gigaset Bundle shown above!

To win use the new easy entry form below...  

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