Friday, September 14, 2012

Free Mobile App WannaBeWell...

I am excited to tell you about the Life…supplemented free mobile application, WannaBeWell!

This is a program offered by The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), along with suppliers of dietary supplements and product manufactures in the wellness industry.  The goal of the program is designed to offer people live a healthy life by offering advice and education for a healthy diet, the best supplements for your individual needs and an exercise program that works for you. When talking about supplements, that would include vitamins and minerals as well as natural and dietary supplements.

Key features of the app include:
    • Create your own personalized Wellness Coach by choosing from a roster of customizable characters who will deliver daily motivational and educational messages to keep you moving towards a healthier lifestyle. 
    • Receive ‘Healthy Mission’ tasks given by the Wellness Coach and collect trophies for accomplishing the tasks. 
    • Explore the Supplement Resource Center, which offers users information about vitamins and other dietary supplements in a simple and easy to understand format. It houses thousands of articles and insights that help users make an informed dietary decision. 
    • Set up reminders to take — or restock — your supplements.
Visit to utilize several online tools available to help you optimize your personal health, including:
  • Are you an an AlphaWELL or an OhWELL? Find out by taking My Wellness Scorecard, a fun, free and interactive online quiz that provides an initial wellness assessment and offers tips and ways to improve your health. 
  • The Supplemental, a blog that provides a forum around healthy diet, supplements and exercise from an expert panel of bloggers. The Life…supplemented panel of experts share a variety of fresh and innovative perspectives to inspire you to make smart choices.
  • The Supplement Resource Center houses thousands of articles and insights that help users make an informed decision about dietary supplements.
I liked the My Wellness Scorecard and also the great tips to help me make smart choices. This app is awesome and very helpful! 

For each app download, $1 will be donated (up to $13,500) to Vitamin Angels.  This organization provides children, under five, worldwide with vital nutrients. To download this great app just click on the icon at the top of this post!

I wrote this blog post while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Life…supplemented. As a thank you for participating, I received a $25 promotional item, and a $25 donation was made on my behalf to Vitamin Angels.


Nicole said...

Sounds great thanks for telling me about it :)

Mindy Lund said...

I am off to download the app now...

Lonnie said...

What a great idea!

Angela said...

Sounds really good! I am grateful for your review it is good that it will help children worldwide nutrition and to be healthy.

Rob said...

This app sounds cool. I think it will be fun to create a character to give me daily motivational messages.