Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pretzel Crisps Review...

Thanks to Pretzel Crisps my family got to review some of their great products! They sent us several amazing flavors to try!

These pretzels are way awesome! We love how much flavor they have. They are really good to snack on and yummy with salsa too. We are trying to eat healthier and these are perfect for that. My boys really like the Buffalo Wings flavor. We enjoyed and love all of the flavors they sent us. The White Chocolate & Peppermint flavored and Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Holiday pretzels are my personal favorite!

More about Pretzel Crisps:

Not only are Pretzel Crisps deliciously snackable, they're truly the "Healthy Crunch."
Here's why:

Forget about the average snack food's oil, salt and high calorie content. Pretzel Crisps are guilt-free and good for you, with their Modern Classics and Deli Style containing:

- Only 110 calories per serving

- 0 grams Trans Fat

- 0 grams Saturated Fat (no hydrogenated oil or palm oil)

- 0 grams Cholesterol

Even the decadent-tasting Special Edition flavored Pretzel Crisps contain heart-healthy dark chocolate, 0g trans fat and only 120 calories per serving.

Every variety begins with all-natural pretzels, baked thin for a wholesome, satisfying snack you can enjoy as often as you want to!

Make sure and visit the Pretzel Crisps site they have such brilliant products! They are also on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you so very much
Pretzel Crisps for the wonderful products and customer service! Thank you also for the donations to the Serving Others This Holiday Season project! 

Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*


Michele said...

These do sound amazing!

Amy said...

Love that these are healthy too! Thanks for telling me about them Shauna :)

Tammy Dodge said...

I have tried these and my family all really like them. They are great to serve at parties also!

Shauna said...

Yes Tammy I love to put them on a fancy tray and serve them at parties, everyone loves them! ;)

Yolanda said...


Lisa said...

I really want to try the holiday ones covered in chocolate those sound very delicious!

Pam said...

O Trans Fat? Wow I need to check these out. I am trying to be more careful with what I eat.

Wanda Smith said...

Pretzels are wonderful for all ages!

Angela said...

Love the sound of these healthy yummy pretzels!!! Thanks soo much for the review :)