Friday, April 4, 2014

The Jungle Book 2 Blu-ray Review...

The Timeless Tale of Adventure, Friendship and Fun Continues!

The adventure continues on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital on March 18th

Experience the wonder of this timeless tale as you reunite with your favorite characters and meet new friends. Disney’s beloved movie classic continues in this new digital master of The Jungle Book 2 – on Blu-ray for the first time, and wilder than ever in breathtaking high definition!

Now that Mowgli’s living in the “man-village,” he cherishes his new best friend and little brother, but he still has that jungle rhythm in his heart. He misses hanging out with happy-go-lucky Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther. Yearning for freedom, Mowgli runs off into the jungle – and encounters his enemy Shere Khan! This time, he’ll need both his new human family and his old jungle friends to help save the day.

Packed with humor, suspense and fun, this thrilling musical adventure will be on of the “Bare Necessities” of your Disney movie collection!

Bonus Features:

Deleted Scenes - On-camera intros to each song with EVP, Sharon Morrill and SVP/Music, Matt Walker. “I GOT YOU BEAT” song cut to storyboard & “BRAVER” song cut to storyboard

Music and More - Sing Along with the movie & music videos: “JUNGLE RHYTHM” and “W-I-L-D”

Backstage Disney - Synopsis of The Original Movie – The Jungle Book (short recap of the first story) & The Legacy of The Jungle Book – discover how the original animated film influenced the look, feel and story of the new movie

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Feature Run Time:     72 minutes

Rated: G

Our Review:

The Jungle Book 2 is an awesome family movie to watch! The first Jungle Book has always been a favorite of ours so we couldn't wait to get part 2 on Blu-ray. We love all of the music and singing in it. There are some good songs that make you want to sing along with them. Especially the classic from the first film "The Bare Necessities". It was fun to see Baloo and Mowgli reunite and start having fun with each other in the jungle.

We laughed when Mowgli was talking about the man village, "all you ever hear is rules, rules, rules, work, work, work. Baloo says watch your language kid". Another good part is when the snake was trying to get to Mowgli when he was singing. He kept getting rocks smashed on him and other funny things happened to him every time he tried to bite Mowgli. The Vultures were cracking me up when they were teasing Shere Khan about being beaten by the man cub in the first movie. People of all ages will love this Blu-ray!

The special features have sing along songs, music videos, deleted scenes and more!

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Randy said...

Excited to see this

Melissa Crow said...

The songs make me happy! =)

Shauna said...

Me too Melissa I love the music!

Brenda said...

Fun my grand-kids love Jungle Book movies.

Shauna said...

Brenda my family loves the Jungle Book movies also! :)

Lisa said...

On my must on list thanks for the review

Paula said...

Sweet another cute Disney movie

Vicky Jones said...

Excited to see this