Saturday, September 13, 2014

“Steaks That Sizzle" LongHorn Steakhouse...

LongHorn Steakhouse is now offering “Steaks That Sizzle,” a menu that features three flavorful steaks served with a hand-chopped salad and choice of a side for $12.99. Guests can choose smoky, spicy or savory with the following dishes:

· Smoky Double Bacon Sirloin – 6 oz. sirloin wrapped in bacon, topped with even more bacon, smoked gouda and a four-cheese sauce.

· Spicy Sriracha Sirloin – 6 oz. sirloin smoldering with a spicy housemade Sriracha sauce and finished with crispy onion straws.

· Savory Parmesan Crusted Sirloin – 6 oz. sirloin grilled the way you like it, then crusted with savory Parmesan and garlic cheese.

My family is really excited to go try out these awesome steaks, they sound and look so yummy! Thanks LongHorn Steakhouse, you rock! :)

Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my non-biased opinion.* 


Tom said...


Beth Young said...

My family would love to try these! We love LongHorn Steakhouse! =)

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Angela said...

They sound really yummy!!! :)