Monday, April 13, 2015

Pei Wei #NewToSushiSweeps!

Ever met someone that was too afraid to try their first bite of sushi? Pei Wei Asian Diner has a perfect solution!

Pei Wei released a new national survey detailing attitudes and behaviors toward sushi and sushi-eating – it found that nearly one third (32%) of Americans have never even tried the popular dish! Here are a few of the most interesting findings:

· 62% of people who haven’t tried sushi are willing to give it a shot
· 22% of those willing to try sushi took baby steps when they first sampled rolls
· 51% of those who have tried sushi say it was better than expected
· Taste is the No. 1 reason Americans eat sushi today

Pei Wei is branching out to add new sushi Crunch Rolls to its existing menu to show people that sushi-eating doesn’t have to be a scary ordeal. The launch of their #NewToSushi campaign and sweepstakes will help do just that by rallying sushi lovers together to disarm the intimidation and make sushi an approachable and crave-worthy treat.

Now here's the exciting part...


· Pei Wei is encouraging diners to share their first sushi experience on social media.
· Sushi lovers and sushi newbies alike are invited to post a photo of themselves or a friend eating sushi for the first time with the hashtag #NewToSushiSweeps or #PeiWeiSweeps on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
· By sharing their sushi experience, fans will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a $25 Pei Wei gift card.
· Four winners will be randomly selected each week during the sweepstakes, which runs from March 19 through May 6 2015.
· Please visit for additional details and official rules.

Sushi Eating Tips for Beginners:

· Don’t know how to use chopsticks? Sushi rolls are traditionally eaten as a finger food, so it’s perfectly acceptable to eat with your hands after they have been washed.
· If you’re unsure about new textures, try a roll that packs a bold crunch, like new Pei Wei sushi Crunch Rolls topped with tempura flakes.
· Dipping sauces and sides like wasabi, Sriracha aioli, citrus ponzu or soy sauce can enrich the roll’s flavors. For best results, dip the outer edge of the roll instead of the flat side.
· If you’re intrigued with sushi but intimidated by eating raw fish, start with completely cooked rolls like Pei Wei’s Teriyaki Crunch Roll or Mango California Roll to get used to the size and flavor of each bite.
· Three sides typically accompany sushi: soy sauce to enhance the flavor, wasabi to spice things up, and ginger to refresh your palate between bites.
· Sushi pros typically eat a roll in one bite; however, you can take two bites if needed.

I absolutely LOVE Pei Wei! Their new crunch rolls are so amazing, make sure and try them out! 

Thank you Pei Wei for the yummy food and excellent customer service!

Disclaimer: *I received a gift card from Pei Wei in exchange for this post.*


Carter said...

My family loves Pei Wei we will do this!

Nicole said...

Pei Wei is awesome ;)

Vicky said...

Cool sweeps

Lydia said...

#NewToSushiSweeps sounds wonderful!

Brenda said...

Honestly I have never tried Sushi. This makes me excited to try it.