Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pitchfix Twister Review...

Thanks to Pitchfix, I am really excited to tell you about their products!

Since my hubby loves to golf he was ecstatic when we received our package! We were impressed with how neatly organized our items were packaged when they came...

First, I want to tell you about the Twister...

Pitchfix USA Introduces Twister, Golf’s Most Innovative Divot Tool!
An innovative divot repair tool, the Twister makes ball mark repairs easy for golfers and helps reduce pitch mark repair damage to greens.  
The Twister’s patent pending technology features three retractable metal prongs and makes it quick to use and safe to store for golfers. It comes in eight different color combinations, is highly customizable for promotional gifts and corporate branding and retails for just under $17.  Currently, the Pitchfix products are available at many top U.S. retail outlets such as PGA Tour Superstores.  For more information please visit Twister.

My hubby couldn't wait to get out on the golf course to try out his new Twister tool. He loved how easy it was to fix divots. He said it fits nicely in his golf bag. He liked the red one because it matched his bag. The other thing he really liked is the ball marker it comes with. The top has a magnetic ball marker. What a great idea! He would always have to use a coin from his pocket when he needed to mark his ball. Now he has the marker attached to his twister. He said it was so convenient. The friends he went with were pretty impressed with this divot tool too. They wanted to know where they can buy it. All three of them were going to go buy some. He let them know Pitchfix has a lot of cool golfing products that they would love too.

According to Pitchfix, when ball marks are repaired with traditional pitch forks very often the root structure is torn which creates an air pocket under the mark and a compacted piece of soil at the surface, making it difficult for the grass to regenerate and heal.

Pitchfix’s patented technology allows Twister to work differently, says the company: the golfer simply pushes it in and out of the affected area, restoring the ground and relieving compaction simultaneously.  This quick and simple procedure, according to Pitchfix, results in better repairs that recover quickly, making it virtually impossible to do damage with the tool.

According to Fokke, the Twister will play a critical role in improving the condition of greens and reducing ongoing maintenance costs to repair damage.
“Reports indicate that the average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf,” said Fokke.  “That can result in more than 700,000 ball marks per year on an average golf course. Add to that the players who do not repair their ball marks and the high percentage of improper repair from conventional two prong divot tools, and the potential maintenance savings with Twister could be as much as ten percent.”

About Pitchfix
Founded in 2005, Pitchfix is the market leader for switchblade divot tools and other golf green related products in Europe and Asia and is renowned for its high standards in design and product quality.  It aims to be the market leader in divot tools and other golf related products in the United States by designing, manufacturing and distributing an ever-growing line of high quality and innovative European designed products through selected distribution partners.

Pitchfix currently offers an array of diverse and innovative products for golfers
worldwide:Twister Divot Tool; Classic Divot Tool; Hybrid Divot Tool; XL 2.0 Divot
Tool; Alignmee Marker Alignment Tool and Hatclip Ball Marker.

Pitchfix currently has operational and manufacturing facilities in China, the Netherlands and the U.S.  In the U.S. the company recently opened three fulfillment centers with five customer facing/support employees to facilitate custom order processing and fulfillment. Custom orders are fulfilled within two to eight days of receipt.

With Father's Day coming up, these would make a perfect gift for that special golfer in your life!

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Thank you so very much Pitchfix for the amazing products and customer service!
Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*


Ned said...

Cool I want these

Shauna said...

My hubby said order them, you will love them Ned :)

Brenda said...

I want to get this set for Father's Day for my dad. Thanks for telling me about it!

Amy Borne said...

Sweet I am the golfer of my family and would love to try these products! =)

Jim said...

I love to try new golf products.