Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bamm Bamm Rubble Halloween Costume Review...

Thanks to Costume SuperCenter, I am excited to tell you about one of their great costumes!

This year we are excited to wear Flintstones costumes! My hubby is going to be Fred, I will be Wilma, our son Bamm Bamm and his wife Pebbles.

Here is my son's costume...

I love how neatly packaged it came. It even includes a hanger, so it fits perfect in the closet until he is ready to wear it.

My hubby has always wanted a 6 pack of abs so he was excited to try this costume on.

Here he is wearing the costume...

We love to dress up in couple costumes on Halloween and pass out candy to all of the kids in the neighborhood. Everyone enjoys coming to our house every year to see what we will be dressed up as.

We are going to pass out Pop Rocks and some other fun candy and toys this year.  I am already having fun putting the gift bags together. We always try to pass out candy that goes along with our costumes, so that should go perfect with our new Flintstones Costumes.

Costume SuperCenter has so many things to pick from. I could spend hours on their website. We are planning on ordering some more accessories to go along with our costumes. We are going to have so much fun taking pictures as the Flintstones family.

This is a good quality costume with lots of accessories. It has the top half with all the muscles, a wig, shorts and it also includes the feet. I think the feet are hilarious and totally make the outfit complete!

I can't wait for October to get here so we can show off our new costumes. My hubby and I are for sure big kids and love this time of year.

Thanks Costume SuperCenter for the fantastic costumes and customer service!

Disclaimer: *I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.*


Cindy said...

Fun idea to dress your family in Flintstones costumes :)

Angela said...

Remember watching the flintstones as a kid, this brought back memories, Love that you and Rob and your son and his wife will dress up as the flintstones!!!

Brenda Wilson said...

I agree, the feet are hilarious, love it!

Vicky Borne said...

Halloween is one of my families favorite times of the year as well ;)