Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hammacher Schlemmer Disney Christmas Carousel Tree Review...

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Now I am super excited to tell you about The Disney Christmas Carousel Tree!!

I fell in love with this the second I saw it! This tabletop Christmas tree shows more than 50 beloved Disney characters celebrating the holidays with movement, music, and lights.

We love the rotating sleigh at that top with Mickey Mouse. It is so fun that Pluto is leading the reindeer. I was thrilled that it also features Cinderella’s castle! I have always been fascinated by castles.

Children and parents alike will delight as they discover their favorite Disney characters cavorting throughout the tree, from Daisy and Donald Duck exchanging gifts, to Bambi sporting a wreath collar, to Peter Pan surveying the crowd from the rooftops.

The trains that chug around the tree are really fun to watch. We also enjoy watching the royal couples as we listen to the beautiful songs. The detail put into each character is brilliant and very impressive!

We think it is fabulous that the tree is secured on an elegant wood-finished based. It is also softly illuminated by 20 colorful LEDs that are so pretty. We love how the snow sparkles and it really glows when the lights are on.

Watch the video below to see it in action...

Our granddaughter Kaydence really loves this too! She got so excited when she saw it and had a big smile! It is great that this Plugs into AC or runs on three AA batteries. We are getting lots of compliments on our new beautiful Disney Tree!

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Thank you very much Hammacher Schlemmer for the AMAZING products and customer service!

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