Saturday, July 6, 2019

Cari-Cami Review and Discount Code...

Thanks to Cari-Cami I am super excited to tell you about their awesome products!

They provide a stylish and discreet way to carry your phone, cards, passports, keys and much more!

I wore the white tank style one yesterday to an amusement park and love it! Everything I needed was easy to get to and stayed in my shirt pockets perfectly even on the rides we went on! 

It is made out of super soft stretch cotton and comes in white, black and cream. 95% cotton / 5% spandex.

They even have a medical one that is a wonderful solution for insulin pumps, glucose monitors, inhalers, medicine, EpiPens and more...

The medical option will securely carry your insulin pump with two tiny button holes to allow the insulin pump tubing to pass through.

How fantastic that it also comes in a cap-sleeve...

This is going to be so cute to wear under my new crocheted cardigan! These are also awesome for Concealed Carry as well!

I wish I knew about these years ago with all of the traveling we do! They are so AMAZING!

Watch the video below...

Now here's the really exciting part! Either enter the code "staycalm" or click here to order and you will automatically receive a 10% discount off your order! 

You can also visit them on Facebook here!

Thank you so very much Cari-Cami for the amazing products!!

Cari-Cami LLC is a family owned and operated company that we love!

Disclaimer: *I received the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion. All opinions are 100% mine.*