Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Ergo21 Seat Cushion Giveaway and Discount Code...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergo21.
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Thanks to Ergo21 I am super excited to tell you about some of their cool products! Ergo21 is a leading designer of ergonomic seat cushions and bike cushions. They provide extreme comfort while sitting, driving, flying or biking!

I sit at my computer working for many hours at a time. I love that the cushions I received help keep me pain free and comfortable! They come in lots of different options. 

They also have wheelchair cushions...

Research shows that most of the wheelchairs don’t have good back support. With this cushion support, your spine is held straight like a letter T. This promotes proper spinal alignment and the membranes keep the circulation and nutrients flowing along the spine. This cushion is good for a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

I love the square Sport Cushion that I received...

This great cushion really helps reduce fatigue, numbness & tail burn! LiquiCell membranes improve blood flow and circulation to prevent sores and skin breakdown from vertical pressure.

Ultra-thin cells contain liquid that is in constant motion allowing your body to glide and float. We like the non-skid gripping bottom and carrying handle.

It works good and helps so much on my office chair! 

Since I travel often I was thrilled to also receive a Ergo21 travel cushion!

This wonderful cushion can be folded in half! The slim design is great for your car, office, traveling and more. The micro stretch fabric prevents pain from sitting pressure. Liquid-filled membranes improve blood flow and circulation by 150%!

I have leather seats in my car and they are not very comfortable on long car rides. Thanks to Ergo21 I can drive long distances and be super comfortable! 

My family is thankful for our new cushions! We truly love them and notice a huge difference using them!

Thank you so very much Ergo21 for the amazing products!

Any of these cushions would make the perfect Mothers Day gift for your loved ones! :)

Ergo21 products are available online on their website and also at Amazon!

I am happy to share these awesome discount codes with my readers: Get $10 off - comfort10
Buy a 3 bundle and get $20 off and free shipping - save20

Now here's the really exciting part!

I get to give one lucky winner a Ergo21 Travel and Original cushion! Enter to win below...

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Amy said...

I sit for long periods and I would love to win these cushions. They sound wonderful thank you for the awesome giveaway!

Mami2jcn said...

My husband has been working from home and he has complained about butt pain. I think the cushion would help!

bellagirl07 said...

I so need this cushion for a back injury that I have.

Anonymous said...

I so need these cushions for an injury I have in my back.

Nancy P said...

These products really help. Thanks for the chance.

Unknown said...

since the lockdown, I've bern sitting a bit more, on the mini cycler I got. The cushions enable me to sit longer & bike without ANY discomfort. I have one in my car, my living room & 2 at my boyfriend's condo. He loves them too! I'm already a winner by using Ergo 21

Linda said...

They look like great products. I'd love to try it for my car!

Michele C said...

Work from home even before the lockdown. Sure could use this for my office chair!

laurie nykaza said...

Sitting all day at the computer isn't at all comfortable.This would be perfect to use and to be so much more comfortable all day long would be wonderful.

donna porter said...

This would be great for my hubby who has to sit all day at his office. He had cancer and finished up all his treatments last year but has lasting side effects so this would be a blessing!

starzine said...

Yes, to reduce fatigue.