Tuesday, August 24, 2021

myFirst Camera Insta 2 Review...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on 
behalf of myFirstAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to myFirst I am super excited to tell you about their Camera Insta 2

We were so happy when our items arrived...

It's available in pink and blue. We chose the pink one and couldn't wait to start using our new camera!

It came with cute decorative stickers and an adjustable neck lanyard. 

Our granddaughter started taking pictures right away!

I love the creative ideas kids have. She wanted to take pictures of the roses, snails, the sky and so much more.

She was so excited when I told her we can print the pictures out immediately with the 10-second printing capabilities it has.

It is great that the camera is really easy for kids to use! She has been taking pics and videos like a pro. 

After taking a picture of grandpa eating his banana she printed it out and sh0wed it to everyone.

We think it is fantastic this instant camera uses thermal printing to create vivid and clear photos without needing to wait for our pictures to dry.

We are having a blast taking and printing pictures!

Using thermal technology, we won't ever have to worry about refilling ink. The sticker thermal roll it came with is also going to be fabulous.

The sharp images, fun features and wide variety of pre-loaded picture frames are amazing. 

It's awesome watching how excited our granddaughter gets as she scrolls through the pictures she takes. 

This will make a perfect gift for your loved ones! 

Now what are you waiting for? Head over and order your myFirst Camera Insta 2 now! :)

Thank you so much myFirst for the amazing products!


Aubrey said...

Oh my kids will love this! I am going to add it to our must have list for sure. Thank you for telling us about it Shauna.

Jenny said...

Great camera! My daughter would love this

Cathy said...

Looks so fun! I want one for each of our kids.

Beth said...

Super cool that it lets you print out pics instantly.

Angela said...

Love that it is super easy and perfect for kids to use also that it can print immediately!!

Tammy said...

I ordered this camera for my daughter and she loves it! Her favorite part is being able to print out the pictures she takes instantly.