Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Trying To Stay Calm November 2021 Gift Guide...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the
companies included in this gift guideAll opinions are 100% mine.* 

I am super excited to share some of our favorite companies with you in this November 2021 Gift Guide!

Let's get this party started by me telling you about the amazing Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier...

The Brondell Pro’s AG+ technology uses five-layers of protectionIt helps sanitize the air, surface of the filters and the inside of the unit.

It includes three filters, UV Disinfection and Plasma Triple Air Sanitation technology to quickly and effectively help sanitize the air.

The Brondell Pro is also lab tested and trusted by medical professionals. It is currently protecting millions from viruses globally.

Technology by Aurabeat adds an extra layer of protection for your home, office or business and proven by independent lab tests at MRIGlobal to eliminate 99.9% of COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) within 15 minutes.

Since having our Brondell Pro Air Purifier running I am so happy that I don't see dust on my piano and furniture anymore. That gives us comfort knowing it is working well in our home.

It cleans the air in a 538 square foot room up to 3.4 times in one hour. The AG+ technology is a game changer when it comes to health and well-being!

We love how easy it is to change the filters. I plan on getting another one of these for our downstairs. I also think it would make a perfect gift for family members.

Thank you so much Brondell for the amazing products! 

Make sure and head on over to Brondell to get yours now!

Next, we love Naked Nutrition and their products...

I was so thrilled when I found out about their new Naked Bars! They are perfect stocking stuffers...

The Chocolate Fudge Naked Bar starts with premium grass-fed whey protein. They add other natural ingredients like almond butter, cocoa powder, and monk fruit juice.

Our family loves that each bar contains 15 grams of protein, only 8 grams of sugar, and only 180 calories!

We can't wait to try the Peanut Butter Crunch Bars next!

Both bars are Non-GMO, gluten and soy free. They also have no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors which is really awesome.

My body always feels best when I make sure to get plenty of protein daily and these bars will help me with that.

It is really great you can enjoy the delicious, satisfying, and crunchy Naked Bars without compromising on the quality of nutrition.

Make sure and check out the Naked Nutrition products!

Now I am thrilled to tell you about Attitude Is Free...

Our family loves that Attitude is Free promotes the idea that we have the power to maintain a positive mindset in life. I am a firm believer in positivity!

We love their new Fall line items...

The positive and uplifting sayings on all of their products are really wonderful!

How incredible to wear things that are not only super comfy but that also truly inspire us.

Their hats and socks are super cool and would make perfect gifts for everyone on your list!

Our family loves that Attitude is Free consistently inspires people to never give up.

Each time we see the messages on our shirts it reminds us to have a positive attitude.

We all have the power to choose an optimistic mindset that leads to long-term fulfillment and happiness that not only impacts ourselves, but can uplift others.

Make sure and check out Attitude is Free and their new inspiring Fall line!
Now it is time to talk about some of Piccoli Horses products that I know you will love...

Piccoli has horses, unicorns, barn owls, foxes and more! They come in lots of different sizes and colors. 

They are so adorable and will make perfect gifts!

The new cute barn owl has floppy legs, wings and a tail that makes it seem so real.

We were thrilled when we found out about the barn owls being added to their wonderful selection of products. 

Horses are kind, empathetic and protect each other. Together the herd is strong. This vision inspired the company to create Piccoli Horses.

What a beautiful way for children to learn the language of another: to love, to learn, and to be kind.

The new foxes with embroidered eyes are also so darling! We can't wait to give our sweet grandkids some for gifts. 

Our family really loves their fun range of plush, toys and accessories. Each one is so precious and cuddly!

Thank you Piccoli Horses for the amazing products!

Next, I know all of the people on your list will love some yummy goodness from eCreamery...

Since 2007 eCreamery has been churning classic favorites, original flavors and customers’ unique creations.

Their ice cream artists create each and every flavor in a small batch process, then hand pack and label each pint with love.

This year eCreamery has a fun Holiday Seasonal Collection. It includes: Chocolate S'mores, Peppermint Bliss, Butter Pecan and Snickerdoodle Cookie. 

My hubby and I are huge fans of all of them but our very favorite is the Butter Pecan with praline pecans, and yummy caramel swirls!

Our family is really excited to try the Holiday Premium Collection as well...

The delicious Holiday Premium Collection includes: Season's Eatings, Merry and Bright, OH What Fun! and Let it Snow.

They also have amazing cookies and a fabulous new Cookie of the Month Club! We love that you can automatically have sweet treats delivered monthly.

Make sure and visit eCreamery we know you will love them as much as we do!

Now to wrap up this party it's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Please leave a comment on this November Gift Guide. Let me know what some of your favorite items are to be entered to win a fun surprise package.

*Giveaway ended congrats Matt S.!*

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Karen Brown said...

Seriously love every single item such great gift ideas thanks!

Jenny said...

I love all the products. The litte stuff horses so cute! I need the air purifier for our allergies. Great products!

Matt said...

I need some new Hoodies! The Attitude is Free new Fall products are awesome.

Sarah said...

I like the attitude is free hoodie!

Live Laugh Love said...

I love the Attitude Sweatshirt always nice to have a nice sweatshirt for the winter time.

hamjenny said...

I like the Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier but everything is nice.

Sara said...

My favorite item is the ecreamery ice cream flavors, so good.

Brandi Moore said...

I need the air purifier!

Gina Ferrell said...

I like the Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier, Attitude Hoodie, Piccoli horses, unicorns, and the barns owls, and of course the eCreamery ice cream.

Antoinette M said...

I like the Piccoli soft toys and the ice cream!

flny said...

The Piccoli toys seem like good quality. And the snickerdoodle ice cream sounds good.

Maryann D. said...

eCreamery would make my family and I very happy. I especially like their Holiday Collection.
twinkle at optonline dot net

Shelly Peterson said...

The air purifier and the ice cream.

susan1215 said...

I like the Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier the eCreamery ice cream. My niece would enjoy the Piccoli horses, unicorns, barn owls, foxes and more!