Thursday, February 16, 2023

I love dried flowers and calming bath gifts!

I love to give gifts that are calming and help uplift people. I think these dried flowers are absolutely beautiful! Our family thinks it is great that when cared for properly, dried flowers last for a long time.

With life getting so busy it is important to relax and pamper ourselves. My hubby is so sweet and will often spoil me with gifts that help me to stay calm. Dried flowers and bath gifts are a couple of my personal favorites! When I am looking for gift ideas for family and friends, I try to think of things that will help calm and uplift them as well.

I think white dried palm flowers are so elegant. They remind me of all of the fun tropical places we travel to. What a classy idea to add some of them to one of our bathrooms. Our master bathroom has a tropical theme that they would be perfect in. It would be cool to add other dried flowers with color to them also. I could have so much fun coming up with different ways to use them.

Heart shaped dried flowers are brilliant...

This blossom and twig wreath is so pretty! It would be fabulous to hang in my master bedroom. I love all things hearts. They remind me of my angel mom who is in Heaven. She is truly inspiring, beautiful and a great loving example for all of her family and friends.

I remember when I was a young girl my angel mom gave me some cute, dried flowers. I had them in a little vase sitting by my bed and they made me smile. Special memories like that are so dear to me.

Heart dried flower gifts are a great way to show your love. We all could help bring more joy and love into the world. I am a firm believer of spreading love and sunshine. These dried sunrise and floral wreaths are nice too!

To add to my heart collection, these heart bath soaps are just what I need...

I can't wait to try these petite quartz crystal infused soaps! They sound heavenly and are fragranced with ylang ylang, wild orange, rosemary, lavender and peppermint. Scented soaps are for sure a great way to add more luxury to your home spa experience.

When you add dried flowers and amazing scents to your bathroom it helps it become luxurious. I travel often but when I am not on vacation, I like to bring calm and tranquility into my home as much as possible.

I have a heart shaped candle that I love for bath time as well. Bath salts, bath fizzes and travel candles are other things I use often to help me relax and stay calm. I make time daily for pampering myself sessions to help me stay at my very best.

Another one of my must haves are shower steamers...

You can elevate your shower with shower steamers in different botanical fragrances. You just get them wet to activate and then place them on the shelf or floor of your shower to diffuse the scent. We think it is awesome that the tablets can also be used in your bath.

Shower steamers smell good, relax you, can relieve congestion and they don't leave oils on your skin. I love including these with dried flowers for gift giving. My hubby and I both like to use them at home and when we are traveling.

When I first found out about shower steamers I was thrilled. They are perfect for when I am in a hurry and don't have time for a bath, but I still want to experience relaxation. The ones that include pure energy peppermint and eucalyptus are great for clearing my sinuses.

I adore Fields of Lavendar Bouquets...

This dried flower classic features natural dried lavender. What an excellent gift idea. The benefits of lavender are incredible! It can help with sleep, reducing pain and inflammation, helps with mood and much more.

As I learn more about all of the different benefits of lavender, I have been including it into my home more often. I enjoy sipping on herbal lavender tea before bed. It helps me relax and sleep well through the night. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about how dried flowers and bath gifts are some of my favorite calming gifts. As we make time to pamper ourselves and bring joy to others, let us spread love and kindness along the way.

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