Thursday, March 23, 2023

Jackson's Review...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on
behalf of Jackson'sAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Jackson's I am super excited to tell you about their delicious sweet potato chips!

When the Reamer's son was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, their top priority was to find ways to ease his symptoms. They discovered that a high fat, low-carb diet with an emphasis on coconut oil and other premium fats greatly improved his health.

Their whole family adopted this way of eating. They missed snack foods, so they set out to make their own. The sweet potato chips were too good not to share so they started Jackson's. His legacy lives on through their company and the snacks he inspired. 

Their story touched our family deeply. We love that these chips only have three simple ingredients! 

They kettle cook their non-GMO, heirloom sweet potatoes in premium avocado or coconut oil to a savory crunch. Then they give them a sprinkle of sea salt. 

It is fantastic even with a sensitive stomach I can enjoy these without feeling yucky after eating them.

We couldn't wait to try them out here at our house...

First, we tried the avocado oil ones. We instantly fell in love with how delicious they are! They are crunchy and so flavorful and good. 

Next, we tried the coconut oil ones. I couldn't decide which I like better because they are both scrumptious! I am so happy to finally have found some healthy chips that I can enjoy at home and on the go!

My hubby said his favorite flavor is the Carolina BBQ. I really love the Sea Salt, but they are all really delicious! I can't wait to serve them at our Easter party, and I know everyone is going to love them as much as we do.

Thank you so much Jackson's for the amazing products!

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