Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Keeping my dad in shape!

I am excited this month is Father's Day!

My dad is 82 and I am always looking for ways to help keep him strong and active!

I love amazing exercise equipment for the elderly. This one is a perfect Father's Day gift for him...


I think it's awesome that they are made to meet the needs of our journey to wellness. Each one of the mini elliptical designs are perfect for gifts.

With Father's Day this month I can't wait for my dad to receive his to help keep him in shape! 

Their mini ellipticals fit perfect under desks, kitchen tables etc. My dad loves to watch movies at his desk so he can use his new exercise equipment for the elderly even when he watches a movie! :)

With convenient portability and compact designs, you can get moving from the comfort of your favorite room or place to sit.

I love the built-in wheels and retractable handle that makes it easy to move around.

We really like their different low-impact workouts. Since I am my dad's caregiver, I love to find workouts that help keep him in really good shape.

This model also features an extra-large, illuminated LCD monitor, lighter build and it is going to be perfect!

When I am looking for exercise equipment for the elderly, I always look for things that are safe for my dear dad. It is important to add things that alleviate unnecessary strain on his body. 

I turn on some good music and we also walk on the treadmill, lift dumbbells, use resistance bands, do yoga and more. Thank you so very much for checking out a few ways I help keep my dad in shape! 

What are some things you love to do that help keep your loved ones in shape?

*This blog post is in collaboration with Responsival!


Patty W said...

I love to set up an exercise plan that I follow with my elderly parents as well. Our favorite is walking together on Sunday afternoons.

Trying To Stay Calm said...

That’s awesome!

Trying To Stay Calm said...

Oh yes I agree Ken! For sure a healthy diet is so important as well!

Anonymous said...

We like to go hiking!

Trying To Stay Calm said...

How fun!

Lisa said...

We do yoga and walking

Trying To Stay Calm said...

Those are both great!

Brenda said...

We love to go on bike rides together!