Friday, June 16, 2023

We love our new SnugStop!

Thanks to SnugStop we can now stop our pillows from sinking into the gap!

We love the awesome package it comes in with handles.

Since Father's Day is coming soon, we think this is the perfect gift for all of your loved ones.

My hubby and I can now enjoy a better night's sleep because we filled the gap between our mattress and wall.

Our new SnugStop is an amazing long pillow wedge that fits any mattress. 

We think it's great that the bed wedge fills the gap. This helps so items, pets, and kids don't slip into the crack. It will also help so kids won't lose their stuff animals etc.

As soon as we put it on our bed we fell in love!  

The fabulous SnugStop triangle pillow wedge is made of high-density foam, so it stays cool in the summer and insulates in the winter.

We love that it even includes a machine washable cover that easily unzips.

It also has removable side pockets to hold our remote, glasses, phone and more.

My hubby really likes that idea, so he isn't always looking for things he needs to access. 

We can't wait to get more for all of the other beds in our home as well. 

Our family thinks these are such a brilliant idea!

They are high quality and just what we needed to help us stay calm. :) Order yours here!

Thank you so much SnugStop for the amazing products!