Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Element Brooklyn Hand Soap...


*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Element BrooklynAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Element Brooklynam super excited to tell you about some of their awesome products!

We were so excited when our package arrived...

Everything came packaged well and ready for us to enjoy!

Our family always loves trying new products that help us to stay calm and Element Brooklyn has us covered. 

Their affordable, eco-friendly refills save money and the environment as well.

We think it is wonderful that we can reuse our bottles and minimize plastic use. 

Next, time to fill up our reusable hand soap dispenser...

We were so excited to open it and start using it. I had a sweet little helper that wanted to pour it for me. 

She is so cute and helpful; she keeps smelling it and saying it smells really good! :)

The built-to-last glass dispenser is so classy...

I'm thrilled with how great it looks in our bathroom!

The luxurious mandarin orange hand soap is so refreshing, gentle and effective. We all really love it here at our house! 

As soon as we started using it, we noticed the scent is heavenly and our hands felt great after washing them.

Each refill pouch comes with enough to refill our fabulous hand soap dispenser twice.

They also carry other incredible scents that we can't wait to try out next. The hand mist, body cream, candles and other items look fantastic as well.

Make sure you check everything out. They will make perfect gifts for everyone on your list. 

Thank you so very much Element Brooklyn for the amazing products, our family really loves them!