Friday, September 8, 2023

Back to school with Native Remedies...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Native RemediesAll opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Native Remedies I am really excited to tell you about some of their amazing products that are perfect for back-to-school time!

I was so thrilled when our package arrived...

Native Remedies inspires people to embrace a natural approach to complete family wellness.

That is just what our family needs to help keep us healthy. 

First, check out these awesome products...

We are thrilled to have this Belly Calm for Kids on hand for when needed. They use natural ingredients that are free from artificial flavors, colors, or added gluten. 

This homeopathic combination of remedies in Belly Calm helps relief from an upset tummy. It also helps with nausea, bloating, diarrhea, pain and discomfort.

Next, we love the Triple Complex Calm Tonic... 

This relieves uneasiness and worry and helps support a balanced mood. I love that it assists with calming anxiety, stress and frazzled nerves. 

It is really easy to give to the kids with the dropper it comes with. This is formulated by a clinical psychologist and their team of experts in natural medicine.

We also love the Mucus-Clear Jr. for kids...

This relieves blocked noses, mucus congestion in babies and children. It also encourages clear and unobstructed breathing which is fantastic. 

I like that I can add the drops to a little water or juice. That makes it so much easier for everyone. 

With the kids in school, it is important to have this for when flu, colds and congestion show up. 

These are all perfect just in time for back-to-school. Our family loves that these natural medicines will help us to stay healthy throughout the year. 

Next, check out their amazing lavender essential oil and essential oil diffuser and humidifier...

The lavender essential oil for aromatherapy has balancing, soothing and calming properties.

We were so excited to get this set up and start using it!

Our family loves that it is quiet and perfect for our house. The girls love all of the different colors it has. 

It is great that this electric oil diffuser automatically shuts off when the water runs low. The durable plastic with a bamboo look is so classy! We can't wait to try several different essential oils in it. 

We love that all of their products are carefully formulated using 100% natural ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. They believe in the healing power of nature and strive to provide safe, gentle, and effective remedies.

Now here's the exciting part...

Enter code STAYCALM25 to get 25% off and free shipping on your first order!

Thank you so very much Native Remedies for helping our family to stay calm with adding your amazing products into our life! :)