Friday, October 6, 2023

We absolutely love our new FȳreBar!!!


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Thanks to FȳreBar I am really excited to tell you about one of their amazing products!

We were so thrilled when our package arrived...

We are impressed with how our FȳreBar arrived fast, safely and in excellent condition. 

My hubby and I always love new products that help us have fun and add romance to our lives.

Our new indoor alcohol burning fireplace is a huge hit at our house! Check out how fabulous it is...

The FȳreBar is so easy to use, and ready to go after adding some rubbing alcohol. 

It is a fantastic addition to our home. We love that we can take it with us to use outdoors as well. This would be really cool to use at a pool party also! 

Check out the beautiful concrete it is made out of... 

The alder wooden snuffing lid is great when we are ready to put the fire out after using it. 

We think it is awesome that these are made in-house in the mountains of Utah! 

The fire lasts up to 50 minutes with just 8 ounces of Isopropyl Alcohol. It has no smoke or harmful fumes which is a huge plus since I have bad allergies.  

They also have a smaller version called the FȳreCube
that you should totally check out as well.

My hubby and I are so in love with this! We really enjoyed roasting marshmallows together while listening to some romantic music last night!

We think the FȳreBar is perfect for gifts! We know a cute couple that we want to get one for their wedding that is coming soon. It is also an incredible, birthday, anniversary, Christmas and anytime gift as well! 

Their mission is to help you create an ambiance in any space in order to help you relax, entertain, and create moments with the people you love.

Thank you so much FȳreBar for the amazing products!