Monday, June 17, 2024

Dog dental chews for our pups!


Our family is really excited, we set goals to focus on health and wellness. Not only for us but also for our pups!

There are lots of different things that we do to help keep on furry friends in top shape. We love to go for walks, make time for lots of play, and focus on health and oral care as well. Our family loves dog dental chews for one of the things to help with oral care.

Chewing for dogs is a behavior that offers lots of benefits, from dental hygiene and mental stimulation to anxiety relief. There are lots of dental chews to pick from. They have some that are flavored and also some for petitesmallmedium and large dogs as well.

Repetitive chewing releases happiness-inducing neurotransmitters, making it a valuable tool for beating boredom, especially on gloomy winter days. Mental focus during chewing exercises adds an extra layer of stimulation, contributing to your pet's overall well-being.

Another important thing also for good oral care is to make sure to brush your pups' teeth.
Alarming statistics reveal that over 80% of dogs aged three and above suffer from some form of periodontal disease. Ignoring this issue can lead to tartar buildup, linked to cardiovascular disease and organ problems. Choose a dog-friendly toothbrush designed for efficiency and consider incorporating a daily 20-second brush into your routine.
Elevate your commitment to oral care by combining brushing with regular dental check-ups for your furry friend. After we use a good dog dental chew then we make time for exercise and playtime! 
Healthy relaxing dog

Dog in box with treats in front of it

It is fun trying out new toys and games that challenge our pups' cognitive abilities. I'm really excited this new year to work a happy and healthy lifestyle for our family!

Thank you so very much for letting me share with you. Now I'm excited to learn a little about you! What are some of your favorite things to do with your family to help keep you and your animals in top shape? Please leave a comment letting me know.

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Teri said...

So awesome I will have to check them out

Trying To Stay Calm said...

Yes for sure! Love to keep our pups healthy and happy! :)

Amy Nelson said...

Our pups health is a top priority at our home also.

Trying To Stay Calm said...

Amy that is great!

Randy Williams said...

Great pet tips thanks

Trying To Stay Calm said...

Randy, you're welcome! Have an awesome day!

Matt Conley said...

We always have dog dental chews on hand

Trying To Stay Calm said...

Matt, that's awesome!

Brenda said...

Love this thanks for sharing

Trying To Stay Calm said...

You're welcome Brenda, we sure do love our pups! :)