Saturday, October 8, 2011

IWorlds Space Center Review

Last week my family had the amazing opportunity to attend the IWorlds Space Center at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.  We had SO MUCH FUN.

IWorlds in an interactive  "Space Camp" experience. It is for ages 8 and up.  Each mission lasts two hours.  We were each assigned a job to do on board the spaceship.  My husband was the Captain, I was Damage Control Officer, other family members were Pilots, Security Officers, or Engineers.  There are a total of 16 different jobs (and people per mission).

During October they are doing "Thrills and Chills."  These are brand new missions specifically for Halloween.  They have multiple missions so you can come a number of times.  We had Aliens board our ship--it was definitely heart pounding!  Good thing those security officers were skilled with laser guns.

I think you could go to IWorlds over and over and have a different and amazing experience each time.

IWorld has missions Thursday-Saturday with special appointments during the week.  They even book corporate events during the day!  There is also a date night special. Pretty sure this would be the best date ever.  Birthday party? IWorlds would be talked about as the best birthday party of the year!

My family came as a group of adults and we did a mission with a group of 12 year olds for a birthday party.  We had a great time together...the mission works well for all ages!

If you are vacationing Utah (like us), or live there, then be sure to book a trip!  We had an amazing time.

Check out IWorlds website here.

You can find their facebook page here.

Also, they have more information on the Thanksgiving point site here.

If you like the IWorlds facebook page you can find out about a  


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Unknown said...

IWorlds is so much fun! We love it there!

Sarager Family said...

Oh man it was so fun. It is especially fun if u get into. Thanks all it was great.

Kim said...

Sounds really fun we will have to check this out!

Becky Andrews said...

Ssounds like so much fun. I had no idea that was there. We'll have to go visit. Thanks for the fun post.

Shauna said...

Glad you had a great time with your family Jackie! I will have to take my boys to check this out.

Andrew said...

What a great time we had. The Hallowen theme made it extra special.