Thursday, November 1, 2012

SWEET HOME ALABAMA: 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review...

On November 6th, celebrate the release of
SWEET HOME ALABAMA: 10th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray™ for the first time! Bonus features include 8 deleted scenes, alternate ending with introduction and more!

About the movie: Melanie Carmichael, an up and rising fashion designer in New York, has gotten almost everything she wished for since she was little. She has a great career and the JFK-like fiancée of New York City. But when he proposes to her, she doesn't forget about her family back down South. More importantly, her husband backthere, who refuses to divorce her ever since she sent divorce papers seven years ago. To set matters straight, she decides to go to the south quick and make him sign the papers. When things don't turn out the way she planned them, she realizes that what she had before in the south was far more perfect than the life she had in New York City.

Cast: Reese Witherspoon (Walk The Line, This Means War) as Melanie Smooter

Patrick Dempsey (TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” Made of Honor)as Andrew Hennings

Josh Lucas (The Hulk, A Beautiful Mind)  as Jake Perry 

Director: Andy Tennant (Hitch, The Bounty Hunter) 

Screen Writer: C. Jay Cox (New In Town, Reason Thirteen) 

Bonus Features: Eight deleted scenes introduced by director Andy Tennant. Alternate ending with introduction Director's Audio Commentary Music video, "Mine All Mine". 

Release Date: November 6th, 2012 

Ratings: PG-13 

Feature Run Time: 102 minutes

My Review...

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Sweet Home Alabama on Blu-ray is a must have! I saw this when it first came out in 2002 and I love it just as much now. There are heart felt touching moments as well as plenty of laughs. Reese Witherspoon does an amazing job as Melanie who wants to marry her New York boyfriend that just proposed to her. There is only one problem, she is still married to a guy in Alabama. When she goes back to her home town to have him sign the divorce papers, her life gets a lot more complicated. I love how this movie starts off with two kids on a beach kissing and the girl says "why would you want to marry me anyway and the boy says so I can kiss you anytime I want to." Then the movie ends the same way but with the guy saying "why would you want to be married to me and she says so I can kiss you any time I want to." That was great. I loved when Melanie punched her almost future mother in-law in the face. It was pretty funny.

We really enjoyed watching the Blu-ray special features as well!

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Matt Poulsen said...

I want this on Blu-ray

Lisa said...

Sounds great thanks for the review (:

Todd said...

10th Anniversary awesome!

Nancy said...

My family loves this movie ;)

Melissa Snider said...

I love to keep up on the new movies coming on thanks for the review

Angela said...

Love this review!!! :) THANKS FOR IT!!!! I haven't seen this movie but feel i would LOVE IT!!!~!