Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Trying To Stay Calm April Gift Guide 2022...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the
companies included in this gift guideAll opinions are 100% mine.* 

I am super excited to share some of our favorite companies with you in this April 2022 Gift Guide!

Let's get this party started by checking out some of the amazing products that JoyAmo has to offer...

They have such beautiful jewelry! 
JoyAmo is an international company that designs and manufactures personalized jewelry.

They have incredible customized necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings that our family loves! 

With Mother's Day coming soon these would be perfect for that special mom on your list...

We think it is fantastic they have several different options to choose from. 

I picked the Inlay Mom Necklace with feet charms. 

Look how gorgeous my necklace is...

I really love that it has our kids names on it. The gold is so elegant and it really looks classy on! The Swarovski heart is stunning and will look good with any outfit I wear.  

It's always fun to wear personalized jewelry that has a special meaning to me.

Make sure and go check out all of the brilliant jewelry JoyAmo designs. We know you will love everything as much as our family does!


Next, we love and their products...

You can find fabulous hand picked items that are sure to spark joy at this modern lifestyle shop!

Their fresh and clean scent hand sanitizer is great. I love this size bottle for my purse and for when I am traveling.

I can't wait to enjoy these flower bath bombs...

The fabulous bath bombs are just what I need to help me to stay calm.

I love the beautiful sterling silver Italian Figaro Anklet.

Their No. 9 Luxurious, pampering soap, lotion and candle gift set would also make perfect gifts!

I enjoy giving and receiving gifts that help you relax, unplug and take time for yourself to rebuild and refuel.

Our family also loves that they have fabulous apparel, accessories, baby & kid's items and more.

Make sure and check out!

Another one of my favorite companies Sam + Zoey has great items for everyone...

They design and manufacture traditional and modern designs for your home and lifestyle.

My new personalized coasters are so fun! They are a great gift that everyone can use. 

Next, check out their cutting boards and blankets...

Their cutting boards are brilliant gifts! They are engraved on one side for displaying, and you can use the other side.

You can enter your text in the letter box to be printed on their soft minky blankets.

We also think the personalized towels are awesome...

The towels are great gift ideas as well! We love the different prints they have to pick from.

Make sure and check out their hidden message hooded blankets, tumblers, aprons, tote bags, and much more. 

Thanks to Sam + Zoey you can find fun personalized gifts!


Next, we love Petal+Eon and their products...

They make arranging real preserved flowers so fun and super easy! It's great their DIY floral kits ship globally. 

Our family loves that there's no maintenance. These flowers don't need water and they will last 2 years. 

I think it is fabulous that you can design them lots of different ways. They make gorgeous centerpieces!
These are great for parties, team bonding and more. Their florists provide virtual and in-person workshops as well.
The floral kits also come with an instruction manual. 

I think it would be really fun to put these together as a fun girls night activity with family and friends.

It is awesome the flowers will look beautiful all year long.

Make sure and check out the Petal+Eon products!


Next, I know all of the people on your list will love some luxurious sheets from Comfy Bamboo Sheets...

Bamboo bed sheets are the best! They are amazingly soft, silky smooth, and very luxurious.

All of their sheet sets are certified by OEKO-TEX®.

This means they were tested for harmful substances, and they are safe from toxic chemicals.

Our family has always loved bamboo and that it provides many health benefits.

These sheets are breathable and have moisture-wicking properties which is so awesome!
Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, it makes sense to ensure our sleeping environment is good for our health.
I love the different colors they have to pick from. 

The design on their sheets is so pretty as well! 

What a wonderful gift idea that will be useful and treasured for many years.

Make sure and check out Comfy Bamboo Sheets we know you will love them as much as we do!