Monday, March 28, 2022

Verdant Lyfe Review...

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf
of Verdant Lyfe. All opinions are 100% mine.*

Thanks to Verdant Lyfeam super excited to tell you about some of their amazing products!

They have plants, planters, and home decor all inspired by the beauty around us. 

We were thrilled with how well packaged everything was when our items arrived.

The insulated thermal bag with a zippered top was a great way to protect our beautiful plants during shipping. 

Now check out the first plant we took out of the bag...

We think this plant is so fun! The pretty bright pink blooms produce decorative purple flowers.

The Tillandsia Cyanea is native to the forests of Ecuador. 

This gorgeous pink plant has brightened up our home! 

We think it's great that Verdant Lyfe lists which plants are pet safe. This one is, so it's great for pet owners also. 

Next, check out the Bamboo Stand Planter Set...

The plants are a huge hit here are our house.

This is going to look fantastic on my work desk! 
We think the porcelain white planters are so cute.

We also love the Aglaonema 'Wishes' Houseplant...

I was excited to add the white diamond rocks to the plants. The rocks make the plants healthier and more attractive.

We think it's fantastic how easy this plant is to care for. 

In Asia, this plant is said to bring good luck, prosperity and general favorableness to its growers.

The ceramic marble planter pot and rose gold ceramic tray are really stunning.

I love the pink foliage and how it stands out! This was a perfect gift for me since my birthday is coming up soon. 

Our family is so happy with the plants we received. They are so healthy and beautiful!

Thank you so very much Verdant Lyfe for the amazing products! We are excited and looking forward to adding more of your fabulous plants to our home in the future.